The Alcovisor Mercury: A Breathalyzer with Printer Options

The standard breathalyzer is a handheld device for evaluating blood alcohol concentration (BAC) through the breath. Breathalyzer use has been valuable to police officers in enforcing road and driving rules. For instance, a police breathalyzer can determine if a driver has a BAC level over the legal limit. In Australia, the driving limit is 0.05% BAC, equal to 0.05g for every 100ml of blood. You are subject to criminal charges and penalties if you drive over the limit. Similarly, workplaces conduct alcohol breath tests to monitor the employees’ blood alcohol levels. A workplace can check the BAC using a professional breathalyzer like BACtrack. Alternatively, some companies use a breathalyzer with printer options to record the BAC data efficiently. 

Alcohol consumption is widespread among adults employed in all industries. Also, a portion consumes alcohol more than once a week. As a result, it is not uncommon that some people report intoxicated for work. In addition, alcohol impairment is also one of the leading causes of workplace accidents and injuries. Workers with an alcohol content have higher chances of committing errors, especially in operating equipment. It also causes downtime, low productivity, and increased absenteeism. Therefore, many companies use a breathalyzer with printer capabilities to help minimise unfortunate incidents. The Alcovisor Mercury from Breathalysers Australia is a premier workplace alcohol tester suitable for high-compliance environments. 

The Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzer

A breathalyzer employs sensors to estimate the BAC or the concentration of alcohol in the blood. In particular, fuel cell sensors undergo an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol in the breath. The chemical reaction produces small electrical currents and converts them into BAC. Many people use a personal breathalyzer like BACtrack to help them check their BAC every time they consume alcohol. In 10 to 15 seconds, you will know your BAC or intoxication level. In addition, a personal breathalyzer can help you moderate your intake to stay within the allowed limits for driving or working. On the other hand, the Alcovisor Mercury is a breathalyzer with printer options to provide documentation of test data for recording or reporting references.


Alcovisor Mercury a Breathalyzer with Printer: Features 

The Alcovisor Mercury uses a platinum electrochemical sensor to measure the BAC accurately. The consistent and precise BAC readings are the primary reason why law enforcement and hospitals trust it. Furthermore, it has a robust design to suit workplaces like mining, transport, logistics, construction, and manufacturing. The breathalyzer with printer options presents an array of user-friendly functions for easy operation. The core features of Alcovisor Mercury are:

  • Dual-mode – Ability to test instantly through passive breath screening and active testing modes. 
  • Test Record Stamp – The test data includes BAC results, automatic time, date and location with employee information
  • Touchscreen – 2.4-inch colour touchscreen for convenient use
  • Internal Memory: 16,000 CPU test record storage
  • Downloadable to PC –  All test records can be downloaded via USB and exported into MS Excel file
  • Customisable Data Fields – It has ten customisable fields, like name, department, etc. In addition, Breathalysers Australia offers free setup and training tailored to your exact business needs. 
  • Wireless Bluetooth Printer – Compatibility with a wireless printer for producing instant BAC test copy
  • Adjustable Settings – Adjustable units of measure, breath pressure sensor, and blow time settings for increased accuracy.
  • GPS Tracking – Records exact location of tests 
  • Secured Device Settings – Password restrictions to prevent data tampering
  • Calibration Monitoring – Counts the number of tests and monitor date to alert when calibration is due

Alcovisor Mercury: How to Operate a Breathalyzer with Printer

The Alcovisor Mercury is easy to operate. Like most BACtrack breathalyzers, simply press the power button to warm up the sensors. Then, attach a sampling cup and blow at the device upon the signal. Choose the breath screening to detect alcohol. The device will instantly display “Alcohol Present” or “No Alcohol Present”. If alcohol is present, choose the testing mode to measure the BAC level. Fit a mouthpiece and fill in the required data such as name, etc. Provide another blow, and the breathalyzer will analyse your breath sample and display your results in seconds. In addition, the device has adjustable alert levels. For example, if your workplace has a zero or specific alcohol limit, the device will sound off if your BAC exceeds the limit. The breathalyzer with printer options can connect to a Bluetooth device to print the BAC results. 

A thermal Bluetooth printer can be paired with the Mercury. First, match the breathalyzer with printer options by turning on the Bluetooth. Once you pair the devices, they will automatically sync in subsequent use. Then, after the BAC test, click the Print icon to print the results. You may also automatically select Auto Print to produce hard copies after each test. Moreover, you can transmit all the test data to a PC via USB download. Only authorised personnel can access the test results with password settings. 


Benefits of Using a Breathalyzer with Printer Options

A breathalyzer with printer capabilities at work can significantly reduce accidents or casualties. Some workplaces require breath tests before an employee can enter the premises. In addition, consistent testing helps reduce overall healthcare and compensation costs and decrease liabilities. In particular, high-risk industries have a zero-alcohol policy to prevent hazards associated with alcohol use. The recordable test data helps employers ensure safety. The information can be valuable in case of an emergency. They can easily refer to the employee’s BAC records at the time and date of an incident. Likewise, alcohol breath tests help improve productivity by maintaining a smoother workflow. Lastly, it helps deter alcohol use and promote healthier practices. As a result, there is an increase in employee morale and well-being. 

BACtrack: Guidelines in using a Breathalyzer

Alcohol can stay in the body for up to 24 hours, depending on the intake. In addition, the body absorbs alcohol rapidly, and the effects are noticeable within minutes. Therefore, wait at least 15 minutes before using a breathalyzer to ensure accurate BAC tests. The period allows alcohol to travel from the stomach to the lungs. A breathalyzer with printer options like Alcovisor Mercury can trace complete alcohol concentrations from 0.00-0.400% BAC. Even at minimal intake, the device can detect and measure the precise BAC. Moreover, it is vital to understand how alcoholic beverages affect your BAC. For instance, many factors influence alcohol content like:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Body fat distribution or body type
  • Food intake
  • Hydration level
  • Metabolism rate
  • Medications

The Alcovisor Mercury is an excellent workplace breathalyzer. It has pro-grade accuracy similar to what police officers use in roadside screening. It also has FDA and DOT certification, meeting the federal requirements for a breath screening device. In particular, the Alcovisor Mercury is on NHTSA Conforming Product Lists for evidential breath alcohol measurement devices. The breathalyzer with printer options is suitable for alcohol monitoring at work or on the road. The kit comes with a breathalyzer, a hard carrying case, mouthpieces and sampling cups, USB download cable, adapter, and travel cover. You may view the Alcovisor Mercury and BACtrack testers at Breathalysers Australia.