What is a Contactless Breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer or breath alcohol tester is a device that can estimate your breath alcohol content. Through your breath alcohol content, the device can calculate and determine your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Checking for BAC can evaluate an individual’s sobriety and level of intoxication. The BAC is the alcohol content (in grams) per 100 millilitres (mL) of blood. Police officials and healthcare professionals perform breath alcohol tests to help maintain the safety of motorists and patients. Knowing a driver’s BAC can help law enforcers determine whether they are fit to drive or not. Furthermore, medical professionals need to check for sobriety before prescribing medicines and treatment. Breath alcohol tests on motorists are necessary mainly because of the effects of alcohol. Alcohol consumption can affect coordination, memory, judgement and cause slower reaction times. Given these effects, contactless breathalyzer tests with a breathalyzer from Breathalysers Australia may help improve overall road safety.

Law enforcers and medical professionals can perform contactless breathalyzer breath tests with the help of a breathalyzer. Blood and urine samples are no longer necessary for BAC tests; thus, less physical contact is needed for alcohol tests. During a breathalyzer test, all an individual must do is blow into the device through its mouthpiece. Furthermore, a contactless breathalyzer test can help limit unnecessary interactions between people. Moreover, these tests can drastically help improve the safety of both drivers and professionals, especially during a pandemic.

Contactless Breathalyzer Tests: Benefits

Breath tests are quick and easy to perform, even while on the go. This is the main reason why contactless breathalyzer tests are common. It is easy to perform a breath test in almost any situation. Roadside screenings, in particular, need highly portable devices that police officers can easily store in their vehicles. Nowadays, breathalyzer devices can be as small as smartphones and easily fit our pockets. This feature can allow for easy storage and great portability and accessibility. You may now even buy highly compact and small breathalyzers for personal use. BACtrack offers the most reliable and compact portable breathalyzers available. Breathalysers Australia has a wide variety of BACtrack devices available for online purchase. Furthermore, even BACtrack personal breathalyzers small enough to fit on the keyrings of your house or car keys are now available.

A contactless breathalyzer test also takes less time to perform and process. Unlike blood or urine sampling, you do not need breath test results in a laboratory. The breathalyzer device can collect and process the breath samples on its own. Breath tests only take minutes to perform. Law enforcers and medical professionals can benefit from these quick test times because their jobs can sometimes be time-sensitive.

Unlike urine or blood tests, a contactless breathalyzer test is also non-invasive. This feature can help people feel more comfortable when taking alcohol tests. Moreover, this form of testing can also help people’s willingness to do alcohol tests.


Contactless Breathalyzer Test: BAC Meaning

Your BAC is a vital factor to investigate when deciding whether you can drive after consuming alcohol. Your BAC level can determine your level of intoxication and sobriety. Moreover, law enforcers also use BAC levels to determine if a driver is fit to drive. In Australia, the drink driving limit is 0.05% BAC. This limit means drivers can face legal charges if they test for a BAC of 0.05% or more. Your BAC level is directly proportionate to the amount of alcohol you consume. The more alcohol you consume, the higher your BAC reading gets. A contactless breathalyzer test can help determine your BAC through breath tests. Police or personal breathalyzer can convert the breath alcohol content reading into a corresponding blood alcohol reading.

BAC Levels: Corresponding Effects

Knowing your BAC level and what it means can be crucial, especially when deciding if you should drive. Your BAC reading through a contactless breathalyzer test can mean:

  • 0.020-0.039%: Euphoria and possible loss of shyness. Relaxation is present. No loss of coordination yet.
  • 0.040-0.099%: Impairments on memory and judgement, which lowers caution. Impairments of speech, balance, reaction time, reasoning, hearing, and vision are present. Reduced self-control
  • 0.100-0.129%: Loss of sound judgment. Significant impairment to motor coordination. Possible slurred speech. Impairments of peripheral vision, balance, hearing, and reaction time are present.
  • 0.130-0.199%: Lack of physical control and gross motor impairments are visible. Blurry vision and significant balance loss. Reduced euphoria. Dysphoria (a feeling of being unwell) is present, and nausea might appear. The person may start to look sloppy.
  • 0.200-0.249%: Will need walking assistance and will probably be in a confused mental state. Nausea and vomiting with dysphoria.
  • 0.250-0.399%: Loss of consciousness and possible alcohol poisoning
  • 0.40% or more: Possible coma and respiratory arrest.

Contactless Breathalyzer Test: Drink Driving Penalties

Given the effects alcohol can have on your driving skills, drivers need to maintain a BAC of less than 0.05%. Drivers nowadays use personal breathalyzers to help them maintain and monitor their BAC levels while consuming alcohol. A personal breathalyzer can also help them determine when to slow down or stop consuming alcohol. Using a BACtrack personal breathalyzer can help improve driving safety and prevent unwanted trouble with the law. The consequences of failing a contactless breathalyzer test from a police officer can be dire. Failing a police breathalyzer test can have the driver face charges like:

  • Hefty fines
  • Disqualified licenses (up to 3 months for minor offences)
  • Confiscated vehicles
  • Ignition interlock programs (for up to a year for repeat offenders)
  • Possible jail time (for seriously high BAC readings)


Why Use BACtrack Personal Devices?

Drivers nowadays can ensure that their BAC is well under the drink driving limits of Australia. They can do so by using BACtrack personal breathalyzers to help them monitor their alcohol intake and consumption. Moreover, you should no longer wait for a contactless breathalyzer test from a police officer to know your BAC. BACtrack personal breathalyzers are highly accurate and easy to use devices for monitoring alcohol consumption. Furthermore, these devices have FDA and DOT approval to be safe and reliable breath testing devices.

The BACtrack personal breathalyzers from Breathalysers Australia are innovative and simple to use. These devices have one-button operations and can quickly process your BAC results. The one-button functions of a BACtrack device allow users to begin their breath test with just a push of a button. All a user needs to do is turn on the device and wait for it to warm up. Furthermore, BACtrack machines only take 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. This feature can allow users to perform tests more frequently. Having the option to do more tests often can allow for more efficient BAC tracking throughout the night when consuming alcohol. BACtrack devices also feature the same fuel cell sensors you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. You can get the same, highly accurate result as seen in a roadside contactless breathalyzer test with a BACtrack device.