Strategies to Avoid Reaching the Blood Alcohol Limit in QLD

With the issues of increased drinking and DUI cases on the rise, states like Queensland (QLD), Australia have taken several precautionary and preventive measures to help reduce alcohol-related road accidents. Policies like a reduced blood alcohol limit in QLD have been implemented to help reduce the likelihood of people driving with high levels of impairments; usually present with excessive alcohol consumption. The blood alcohol content (BAC) of an individual should now always be under 0.05% to be able to drive in QLD, Australia legally; this is to ensure that impairments towards coordination, motor function, and awareness are constantly kept in check.  

Blood Alcohol Limit in QLD

The police can measure the BAC of suspected drivers by using devices that take breath samples. With the new policies in place, refusing to take an alcohol breath test is now considered a serious offence. Despite having a blood alcohol limit in QLD of 0.5%, some rules require specific drivers always to maintain a BAC of 0.00%. Novice, bus, taxi, and truck drivers are all required to have 0.00% BAC. Failure to comply with the specific BAC requirements of the law may result in hefty fines, confiscation of license, interlock breath alcohol device placed in your care, and an impounded vehicle. Using a machine like the BACtrack breathalyzer may help prevent repeated DUI offences and acquire dire penalties, especially for individuals who like to drink occasionally.  

BACtrack Breathalyzers

With all these drastic penalties in place, one should start preparing strategies to avoid the BAC limit. There are several strategies that one may do to help prevent them from reaching the blood alcohol limit in QLD. Still, these strategies mainly rely on the BACtrack breathalyzer and measure your BAC constantly and reliably. The alcohol breath test can trace alcohol intake from 15 minutes to 24 hours. So one should always make sure that it is at its lowest before driving. The BAC of an individual may be reduced by having eaten well before drinking and constantly drinking water. When going home from the bar, one should check with a BACtrack breathalyzer; whether they should drive or take a taxi home.  

One should also note that the higher the BAC the driver, the more serious the offence becomes. Going way over the blood alcohol limit in QLD could result in a heftier fine and a more extended license confiscation period. Investing in a BACtrack breathalyzer will most likely help prevent individuals from cluelessly driving with a high BAC and having issues with the law. It can also help increase the safety of the individual as they can constantly monitor how intoxicated they are. 


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