Where to get an Accurate Alcohol Breath Tester

Accurate alcohol breath tester readings are every drink driver’s worst nightmare. Getting stopped for random alcohol testing disrupts your journey, and you can also end up getting a huge fine, jailed, or even lose your driving license if you are tested positive. Random alcohol breath tests are typically done by law enforcement to test drivers’ alcohol levels and intoxication. Primarily, an alcohol breath tester or breathalyzer is used to get a breath sample that will show the results of a person’s BAC or blood alcohol concentration.  

The latest personal alcohol breath testing devices can easily be paired with smartphones. BACtrack breathalyzers have various units you can choose from; BACtrack provides you with personal and workplace breathalyzer units. Using an accurate alcohol breath tester before driving helps you avoid getting in trouble with the law. Many people have considered getting their personal breathalyzer units, not just to avoid incurring fines but to keep themselves within the limits if they are planning to drive when they have consumed alcohol.  

BACtrack accurate alcohol breath testers

BACtrack breathalyzers are portable and have the same success and effectiveness as the officials’ professional-grade alcohol breath testers. Accurate alcohol breath tester units are suitable for those who want to monitor their BAC. Typically, alcohol stays in the system for long periods. Keep in mind that you should use the breathalyzer units the following day before you decide to drive.  

How it works:  

An accurate alcohol breath tester or screening devices are about the size of smartphones. The individual undergoing the test will have to blow into a disposable mouthpiece. The procedure will take about a minute for the breathalyzer to record and show the result.  

Sensor Technology: 

Alcohol breath testers are made from different kinds of technologies, and the accuracy of each unit will vary. The most accurate alcohol breath tester is the one that uses fuel cell sensor technology. BACtrack workplace breathalyzers are made with Fuel cell technology; this provides more stable readings. The device will detect and analyze blood alcohol content accurately.  

Breathalyzer Calibration

Maintaining the device’s accuracy is required; you should ensure that breathalyzers units are calibrated within a set period. All breathalyzer units will require recalibration on a time basis to remain accurate. BACtrack accurate alcohol breath tester has the longest recalibration requirement on the Australian market at 12 months. The reason breathalyzers cannot be left for prolonged amounts of time without calibration is that the sensors will eventually drift to a point where they may not hold calibration for the expected periods.  


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