Alcohol and Drugs – Why is Drug Testing Legal?

Why is drug testing legal? Drug and alcohol screening is crucial and one of the most sensitive workplace issues. Employers are concerned about providing a safe workplace environment by screening impaired employees for drug use and alcohol consumption. However, the employees are concerned with their private lives and any unreasonable and unjustified invasion. In general, collecting drug or alcohol samples raises privacy concerns for employees. The purpose of these drug and alcohol tests is typically done to detect employees who may be health and safety hazards in some jobs if they are impaired in any way due to drugs or alcohol abuse. These jobs may include Mining, Transportation, Aviation, and Construction.  

Measuring impairment  

Why is drug testing legal? The main goal of drug and alcohol testing is to determine the actual impairment of an employee’s capability to execute or accomplish essential work duties or conditions of the job at the time of the test. That is why drug testing is legal. Alcohol testing using an alcohol breath tester or breathalyzer is seen to be the least intrusive form of testing (compared to blood tests or urine samples). It is an exceptionally accurate measuring tool that shows both levels of alcohol consumption and actual impairment.

BACtrack breathalyzers can provide you with personal or workplace alcohol breath testers. If you are unsure if you can drive after having a few drinks, you can quickly test your BAC levels using BACtrack’s compact and portable breathalyzer units. If you require a workplace alcohol breath tester, you should consider getting the sturdy BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2; it has police-grade accuracy and is a very reliable workplace breathalyzer.  

So, why is drug testing legal?

So why is drug testing legal in a workplace setting? It is much more complicated to obtain an accurate measurement of impairment through drug testing. This type of test can detect past use by conducting a urinalysis, but it will not detect how much of the drug was used or if the person is still or currently impaired due to drug use. Conducting a drug and alcohol test may be done if there was a workplace accident due to substance abuse. The business should have an implemented drug and alcohol policy that clearly outlines the terms and repercussions of the policy. Basic training and education should also be provided to the employees to increase the awareness of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace should improve the health and safety of the employees and the general public. 


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