WA Drug and Alcohol Office

The Western Australian (WA) Alcohol and Drug Office (or Authority) was established to treat, manage, care for, and rehabilitate people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse in Western Australia. The Authority was established during the Western Australian Alcohol and Drug Authority Act of 1974. The Alcohol and Drug Authority Act of 1974 goals were to provide effective prevention and treatment methods for alcohol and drug abuse. The WA Drug and Alcohol Office has provided adequate educational facilities and detailed research to help tackle the growing issues of alcohol and drug abuse. Research like needing constant alcohol testing with the help of devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer or the need to have available counseling for those struggling with abuse.  

WA Drug and Alcohol Office Services

Confidential counseling can now be offered with the help of The Alcohol and Drug Support Service; which provides 24/7 non-judgmental telephone counseling for those looking for information, referrals, and support lines for individuals struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. The WA drug and alcohol office ensures and regulates the safety and effectiveness of these phone calls by having well-trained individuals ready to answer any call. The effectiveness of the phone calls should be closely monitored as it can have positive or negative effects on the mental state of the caller. 

The WA Drug and Alcohol Office also provided regulations on how to educate the public. They have made efforts to facilitate the education of schools, parents, offices, and most of the general population on topics like the adverse effects of drugs and alcohol and how to prevent or spot addiction. School preparations for spotting alcohol and drug abuse rely on teachers to know what to expect when spotting a student with abuse issues. Help to parents has also been provided by teaching them the kinds of irregular behaviors they should look for when the child is at home. Workplaces and employees also need to be more vigilant against drug and alcohol abuse mainly because it can negatively affect their safety and productivity.  

BACtrack Workplace Breathalyzers

With the help of machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer for alcohol testing, places like offices and schools may be safer now. Frequent and reliable screening done from time to time may help prevent individuals from continuing or even starting unhealthy and disruptive habits. Preventive methods and education is given by the WA Drug and Alcohol Office should not be taken lightly as it can prove beneficial to any environment; whether an office, school, or a household setting. 


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