Breathalyser Sales and Services at Breathalysers Australia

BACtrack breathalyser sales and services provide highly accurate and reliable breathalysers. Also, BACtrack is known as the world’s leading industry expert in selling high-standard breathalysers in Australia. Moreover, BACtrack has created highly accurate breathalysers for personal use, companies, businesses, and many more industries. Therefore, customers rate BACtrack as the best breathalyser in the market. BACtrack breathalysers are convenient and affordable. It is also one of the most reliable alcohol testers. That is why BACtrack continues to improve its breathalysers by adding new key features. Furthermore, Breathalysers Australia helps improve personal safety through reliable devices like BACtrack.

Breathalysers Australia provides breathalyser sales and services to Australians. Breathalysers made by BACtrack can help provide a safer work environment free of alcohol use and fewer road accidents caused by drink driving. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption is a big problem that can cause accidents. That is why having a breathalyser is important for checking the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). Breathalysers Australia offers professional-grade breathalysers, with the same sensor technology that police officers use. Personal and workplace breathalysers can give 10-15 seconds of results.

Breathalyser Sales and Services for Smartphone Breathalysers

BACtrack has been developing accurate and reliable breathalysers for a long time.  It offers the first smartphone breathalyser that uses remotely using Bluetooth technology ideal for remote monitoring. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia provides different breathalyser models using fuel cell sensors. Likewise, making smartphone breathalysers small but accurate enable for more accessible and practical for alcohol breath testing. The BACtrack breathalyser sales and services ensure they can efficiently distribute breathalysers ready to use. Breathalysers Australia ensures that companies in high-risk industries get accurate and reliable devices.  In particular, the BACtrack Mobile Gen2 is used remotely in any workplace. It can help with record-keeping results because of its smartphone-to-smartphone feature. For more personal use, keychain breathalysers are also an option that lets you pair them with your phone. That is why Breathalysers Australia ensures you get an accurate and genuine device with an accuracy certification.


Breathalyser Sales and Services for Personal and Workplace Breathalysers

Personal breathalysers are essential when it comes to social gatherings. Australians are people that love to consume alcohol. That is why a personal breathalyser is necessary. Additionally, police officers conduct random roadside breath tests to prevent drunk driving incidents. BACtrack breathalysers also use fuel cell sensors that are the same as the technology of the police force. Therefore, BACtrack breathalyser sales and services ensures to deliver accurate and reliable products to get more precise BAC results. The BACtrack devices helps individuals to go home safely without worrying about road accidents. Here are the lists of personal breathalysers that are available.

  • BACtrack Go Keychain
  • C6 Keychain
  • BACtrack C8 Smartphone
  • BACtrack Scout
  • Trace Pro
  • BACtrack Mobile Pro
  • S80 Pro
  • BACtrack Trace Pro Gen 2

The workplace is also where alcoholism is prevalent. BACtrack breathalyser sales and services in Australia provide professional breathalysers to high-risk job workplaces. Industries like mining, construction, and transportation use workplace breathalysers  to prevent casualties or fatalities. They implement strict zero-tolerance policies  to manage safety hazards. Therefore, rather than having a blood, urine, saliva and hair test, companies can use workplace devices from Breathalysers Australia. Moreover, workplace alcohol policies enable employers to implement random or daily breath tests. Employers can facilitate frequent alcohol monitoring through workplace breathalysers. Breathalysers Australia offers the following workplace breathalysers:

  • BACtrack Mobile Gen2
  • Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen
  • BACtrack S80 Pro Gen 2

Breathalyser Sales and Services Guidelines for recalibration

A breathalyser sales and services also provide recalibration for the unit. But when will you need a recalibration? This depends on the time since you have last recalibrated or when you have purchased your unit. Factors also increase when you always use the breathalyser. Blowing unnecessary strong alcohol concentrations caused by not waiting 15 minutes after drinking alcohol can also cause early recalibration. That is why all the breathalysers we sell come with a manufacturer’s recommendation guide for recalibration. Making sure breathalysers are recalibrated is important because even if there is a lack of use, sensors can start to drift. Frequent usage or blowing of alcohol will also build up alcohol residue. That will also affect the accuracy of the unit.

Opening any Breathalysers Australia unit will void the warranty. That is why breathalyser sales and services make sure that the users know this information. Ensuring that only Breathalysers Australia is the one servicing the product is essential to ensure the warranty is not void. BACtrack unit registration is excellent to notify if a recalibration is needed. For instance, you will receive an email or text with the maximum guideline date, reminding you that recalibration is due. Also, when a breathalyser starts to warm up, it means recalibration is required. Inconsistent BAC results also indicate that your unit needs recalibration. Therefore, recalibration is essential to ensure that your BACtrack breathalyser works well.



Australian Calibrating Services

Breathalysers need recalibration because their sensors might drift due to alcohol residue and particle buildup. That is why breathalyser sales and services offer recalibration. Breathalysers that missed the recalibration period will most likely have inaccurate readings. Trained professionals make sure the recalibration process adheres to the breathalysers standards. It is best not to recalibrate the unit yourself to avoid damaging the sensors. Lastly, while the recalibration process is in action, the breathalysers airway is also being cleaned and serviced.

  • The first step is using a special fluid through the sensors for cleaning.
  • Secondly, the device tests various BAC levels to check its accuracy.
  • The last step is breathalyser unit will be reset. 

Choosing a Breathalyser for You

Breathalysers Australia is your breathalyser sales and services is the one-stop service shop for BACtrack devices. Various breathalysers are also available to purchase to help your personal or workplace needs. BACtrack ensures that you will get the most accurate and reliable device. For personal use, you need a breathalyser that you can bring anywhere, which is very portable. Smartphone breathalysers are the answer to that problem. Bluetooth technology helps by pairing the breathalyser and the app. Personal breathalysers are devices that don’t need to be paired to a phone but can give a fast and accurate result.

Workplaces also have a variety of choices when it comes to breathalysers. That is why the BACtrack breathalyser sales and services  is ready to provide accurate and reliable breathalysers. BACtrack Mobile Gen2 boasts that it can remotely conduct breath tests for workplace testing. Smartphone to smartphone connection is also available that helps with breath test schedules. High-risk industries use the Alcovisor Mercury Touchscreen because of its platinum electrochemical sensor that is unparalleled for its accuracy. Companies can easily record results because of these workplace breathalysers.