The BACtrack Skyn Review

Enjoying alcohol at social events and occasions is very common in Australia. However, driving and working while intoxicated is never a good mix. Many are aware that drinking alcoholic beverages in excess can cause a person to lose focus and balance. Alcohol can also affect judgement, leading to car accidents or workplace issues. Thus, it is essential to monitor alcohol consumption. BACtrack’s breathalysers and wearable alcohol monitors are the best monitoring devices on the market today. Such a wearable alcohol monitor is the BACtrack Skyn. The Skyn is a non-invasive, wearable device that measures Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). It can also transmit data to iOS devices. You may check out a BACtrack Skyn review to help you collect more information.

BACtrack Skyn can be worn alone or with an Apple watch band on the wrist. The device-connected app delivers actionable and trustworthy data. When a user’s alcohol level rises, it signals them to drink less or stop altogether. However, BACtrack Skyn is exclusively available in the United States because it is still in Beta. BACtrack is already working on making this technology available to the general public. Therefore, you have a chance to read more about a BACtrack Skyn review before its availability in Australia. Breathalysers Australia will bring the BACtrack Skyn to the Australian market once BACtrack launches it. Ongoing development of alcohol detecting devices would provide everyone with a more convenient monitoring approach. Conveniently, Breathalysers Australia currently offers various BACtrack devices for personal and workplace use.

BACtrack Skyn Review: What is Skyn?

A BACtrack Skyn review will help people become more familiarised with the product by knowing its benefits and advantages. BACtrack Skyn is the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor. The BACtrack is also a leading manufacturer of breathalysers for both professional and personal use. BACtrack Skyn is an alcohol monitor that radically reinvents how measuring alcohol is as it continuously is eliminated through the skin. While the BACtrack Skyn is not yet available for sync or connection on Android devices. BACtrack continues working on Skyn so that both iOS and Android users can use it. This option may already be available when BACtrack distributes the first-ever wearable alcohol screening device to the public. BACtrack is working on new features for this device, which will be available whenever it is released to the public. Furthermore, the following are the two prototypes of the BACtrack Skyn:

  • An Apple Watch Band that can quickly scan to determine the user’s approximate alcohol level in real-time. As a result, the design was developed to make the BACtrack Skyn alcohol monitoring more comfortable to wear and more easily integrated into users’ daily life.
  • A standalone wearable device is worn on the wrist and connects with the BACtrack Skyn app on the smartphone.



BACtrack Skyn Review: How does Skyn Work?

According to a BACtrack Skyn review, the Skyn measures Transdermal Alcohol Content (TAC) using biosensor technology. The technology is similar to that used in breathalysers, but it analyses alcohol levels in sweat instead of breath. On the other hand, a breathalyser test produces a BAC, which measures the amount of alcohol in the blood via the breath at a specific time. TAC measuring is a continuous process that allows users to watch alcohol levels on their wrists. The Skyn BACtrack collects TAC data and transfers it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It turns it into a BAC number when it has gathered enough TAC data. Breathalysers Australia has multiple models of breathalysers that people can use to monitor their BAC levels effectively. You can visit the Breathalysers Australia website to view all the reliable products for alcohol monitoring.

This BACtrack Skyn allows users to track their alcohol consumption and receive notifications when their smartphone’s drinking level surpasses a specified threshold. Individuals can monitor whether a family member’s blood alcohol level regularly remains below 0.00 per cent. A BACtrack Skyn review finds that the BACtrack Skyn is beneficial for monitoring alcohol levels. However, since Skyn is still in its Beta phase, Breathalysers Australia offers portable devices that accurately measure alcohol levels. Lastly, the BACtrack breathalysers utilise fuel cell sensor technology, the same sensor you will find in police breathalysers in roadside screening.

BACtrack Skyn Review: Key Features

BACtrack specialises in sensor technologies that assess a person’s alcohol concentration precisely. The BACtrack breathalysers estimate the BAC using advanced fuel cell sensors. Law enforcement, hospitals, and businesses rely on technology to detect a person’s impairment and handle safety threats. According to a BACtrack Skyn review, the BACtrack Skyn also uses fuel cell technology to estimate the TAC, just like the pro-grade breathalysers of Breathalysers Australia, such as the S80 Pro. Furthermore, the Skyn includes the following features:

  • Biosensor – The BACtrack’s innovative sensing technology traces ethyl alcohol exiting the body through the skin every 20 seconds.
  • Versatile wristband – People can use the BACtrack Skyn as a standalone wearable or an interchangeable smart band for the Apple Watch.
  • Battery Life – The device uses little power and can be worn continuously for days. It has a 10-day battery life on a single charge.
  • Smartphone connectivity – The device pairs with the iPhone via Bluetooth for effective alcohol monitoring.
  • Water-resistant – A few water splashes won’t affect the BACtrack Skyn. However, avoid submerging it in water or wearing it while taking a shower.


Breathalysers for Alcohol Monitoring

You may avail of breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia as we wait for BACtrack Skyn to go global and look at a BACtrack Skyn review. Breathalysers Australia is a 100% Australian-owned and operated business in Queensland and New South Wales. They are the best breathalyser specialist in Australia. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia will give you the best recommendations and product uses for your particular breath alcohol testing requirements. Furthermore, a wide selection of breathalysers from BACtrack is available from Breathalysers Australia. These BACtrack breathalysers include:

  • Personal breathalysers: These breathalysers come in a range of designs and sizes. Small, portable keychain devices like the BACtrack C6 or C8 are helpful when travelling. Larger, more durable variants are best for usage at home, in a glove box, or at the office.
  • Smartphone Breathalyser: One of the most critical developments in alcohol breath testing over the past ten years has been the smartphone breathalyser. The breathalyser connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. They operate similarly to a typical handheld or keychain breathalyser.
  • Workplace breathalysers: The Pro Series Workplace Range is frequently used in Australian workplaces. These professional-grade breathalysers can manage numerous consecutive tests and provide reliable results for over a thousand uses.

BACtrack Devices from Breathalysers Australia

As mentioned previously, the BACtrack Skyn is not yet globally available, and the app currently only works with iOS devices. Alternatively, you can accurately measure your BAC using reliable devices from Breathalysers Australia. Breathalysers Australia uses fuel cell sensors in most BACtrack breathalysers for professional-grade accuracy. The industry standard for precise breath tests is fuel cell sensors. Additionally, fuel cell breathalysers only detect ethyl alcohol, lowering the possibility of false-positive readings. Furthermore, smartphone breathalysers’ BACtrack app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You may inquire and check out a BACtrack Skyn review or purchase pro-grade breathalysers at Breathalysers Australia to assist you in adequately monitoring alcohol consumption.