Breath Alcohol Test for Pre Employment

Many people enjoy alcohol in their free time. Moderate alcohol consumption helps many people unload their stress for the day. However, an excessive amount can lead to severe impairment, posing adverse health and safety risks. In particular, a high Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) affects the senses, perception, and motor functions. Therefore, a person with a high BAC level presents significant hazards while driving or working. Specifically, high alcohol content affects vision, hearing, reflexes, balance, and coordination necessary in operating a vehicle or equipment. Additionally, alcohol intoxication is one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. Therefore, many companies establish a breath alcohol test for pre employment to combat the negative impacts and risks of alcohol misuse. A breath test through a breathalyser determines impairment or intoxication level. 

A breathalyser is a portable device that analyses the breath sample to estimate the BAC level. In particular, breathalysers use sensor technology to process alcohol in the breath. The breathalyser that hospitals, clinics, and police use in roadside screening use fuel cell sensors. Fuel cell breathalysers like BACtrack relies on an electrochemical process to oxidise alcohol. The chemical reaction produces small electrical currents based on the alcohol concentration. As a result, it accurately determines the BAC level. Breathalysers are efficient alcohol monitoring devices suitable for an alcohol test for pre employment. Breathalysers Australia has a wide array of BACtrack alcohol testers for personal or professional purposes.

Alcohol Use and their Impacts

Alcohol is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. In moderate amounts, they create mild pleasing effects. You may feel a slight euphoria and lowered inhibitions. However, as the BAC level goes up, the sensation changes from relaxation to impairment in cognitive and motor functions. At an extreme level, it can lead to mental confusion, unconsciousness, or alcohol poisoning. Depending on the intake, alcohol can stay in the system for up to 24 hours. As a result, it severely affects the capacity to perform tasks safely and effectively. Therefore, an alcohol test for pre employment is vital to ensure that the company does not hire an employee that constantly consumes alcohol. Alcohol impairment is a risk factor for accidents and injuries. In particular, they result in the following:

  • Low productivity
  • Increased tardiness or absenteeism
  • Risky, aggressive, or irrational behaviour
  • Poor decision making
  • Increased safety hazards
  • Strained relationships


Conducting an Alcohol Test for Pre Employment and Other Situations

An alcohol test for pre employment can help maintain the safety and health of the working environment. The employer may test for alcohol during pre-employment, post-incident, randomly, periodic and reasonable suspicion. In particular, it is common for employers to require a pre-employment drug and alcohol test before hiring. The pre-employment test aims to identify whether the prospective employee misuse alcohol or other substances that may compromise workplace safety. Then, a post-incident test can determine if alcohol leads to the accident. Next, the organisation may ask a particular employee to take an alcohol test following formal complaints from co-workers. For example, if the person shows symptoms of impairment, breath tests can confirm alcohol presence. 

Many testing agencies facilitate an on-site alcohol test upon the request of employers. The test may be random or scheduled, or could be given to an applicant as an alcohol test for pre employment. A random test for employment helps identify intoxicated employees at work. On the other hand, a periodic test is part of an organisation’s annual physical examination. So, if you have upcoming workplace testing, it is best to abstain for a few days. You may also monitor your BAC level through a personal breathalyser like BACtrack. In particular, the BACtrack smartphone breathalyser has Bluetooth capabilities to connect to a smartphone app. The Mobile Pro, C6 Keychain, and C8 Smartphone integrate the ZeroLine technology into the app. The ZeroLine technology lets you estimate how long your BAC will return to 0.00% to monitor your consumption. 

Alcohol Test for Pre Employment: Kinds of Tests

The employer may conduct an alcohol test for pre employment through an alcohol workplace policy wherein an applicant formally agrees to it. A workplace program enables employers to manage risks effectively and reduce their liabilities in case of accidents. The policy should outline when to conduct the test, the procedures, confidentiality, and consequences or assistance programs. For example, safety-critical industries like mining, construction, transportation, and manufacturing have zero-alcohol tolerance to eliminate issues and threats that alcohol misuse brings. If an employee has a positive test result, they are ineligible for work and may face disciplinary actions. The employer may use the following procedures with their corresponding alcohol detection windows:

  • Breath sample – 12-24 hours
  • Urine sample – 12-48 hours. Advanced tests can detect alcohol for up to 80 hours. 
  • Blood sample – 6 – 12 hours
  • Saliva sample – 24 -48 hours
  • Hair sample – 90 days
  • Nail sample – 3 – 6 months

The breath test is the most cost-efficient method of an alcohol test for pre employment. A breathalyser like BACtrack processes the breath sample and display the BAC results in 10 to 15 seconds. On the other hand, the hair and nail sample does not measure the BAC, but it can identify alcohol or substance abuse. Meanwhile, the urine analysis test is standard for drug screening. However, some employers include alcohol as well. Finally, the most accurate test is the blood test, but they are also the most invasive. They are appropriate to confirm if the initial test results are positive. 


Alcohol Test for Pre Employment: Workplace Sobriety and Safety 

Monitoring employees’ alcohol level is an efficient way to keep the workplace safe and healthy. A breath alcohol test for pre employment can reduce the risks of hiring an applicant that may endanger others. In addition, workplaces with strict alcohol policies significantly reduce casualties and improve their output. They also lower their overall cost, lessen downtime and turnover rates, and increase employee morale. Furthermore, consistent workplace testing enables you to identify employees with alcohol use disorder and refer them for treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, an effective alcohol policy focuses on preventing harmful consequences rather than punishment. Therefore, the policy should also include assistance to affected employees. Finally, it is vital to have a clear understanding of the impact of alcohol use on personal health and safety. Awareness helps create effective and compliant policies with state laws and regulations. 

Personal Breath Alcohol Testers

Workplaces can use a breathalyser at anytime, even during an alcohol test for pre employment. Unlike other testing methods, you can facilitate alcohol breath testing without the aid of a licensed professional. In particular, operating a BACtrack breathalyser is easy. BACtrack has a one-touch operation system that conveniently lets you conduct a BAC test. You may press the power button, give an exhaled breath upon the blow signal, and wait for your results. In addition, the BACtrack fuel cell breathalysers have pro-grade accuracy, similar to what police officers use. They also maintain their consistency longer, giving reliable results. Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of alcohol testers suitable for personal and workplace use. A personal breathalyser lets you monitor your BAC to help make informed decisions.