Pre Employment Drug Testing in Australia and Workplace Alcohol Testing

Business owners, large companies, and employers try their best to hire the best possible candidate for their company; one who could either work at the same pace with its current employees or, even better. Despite being qualified, an individual with drug-taking habits and alcoholism will prove to be more of a burden for a company, considering the chances of them being absent or disrupting the workplace with behavior under the influence. Pre employment drug testing in Australia and the AS4303 guidelines for drug testing are now a norm for employers. Considering the availability of mobile testing units and portable, easy-to-carry breathalyzers, it is certain that there will almost always be pre-employment testing ready and accessible. 

Pre employment drug and alcohol testing in Australia

Workplace alcohol testing is also now easier with the help of the availability of breathalyzers. They negate the need to request a mobile testing unit, which proves to be cost-effective and less time-consuming. A positive drug test in a mobile unit may still be needed to be sent to a laboratory for a further, more detailed lab result on the type of drug used. So having a breathalyzer may prevent extra expenses and still keep the workplace safe.

An individual’s behavior, attitude, and work ethic can significantly be affected when a person is under the influence in the workplace; they could disrupt other employees’ productivity and endanger their coworkers and themselves. Take a construction company, for example; a person under the influence while operating heavy machinery could easily jeopardize everyone involved. With these facts in mind, pre employment drug testing in Australia and workplace alcohol testing should be a priority to most business owners. 


Australian businesses’ drug and alcohol testing policies are now as prevalent as ever, with standardized guidelines like the AS4303 and the availability of mobile testing units, and extraordinary technological innovations like the breathalyzer made available to the public to aid them. With screening and testing made more accessible, pre employment drug testing in Australia can also be followed by continuous or frequent drug and alcohol testing while an individual is in their training or probational period within the company. These types of company policies may also help prevent individuals from having disruptive habits. 

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