BAC Blood Test vs Breathalyzer

What is the difference between a BAC blood test vs breathalyzer? A blood alcohol test works by measuring the level of alcohol found in your blood. Typically, people are more familiar with breathalyzers, a breath testing method that law enforcers often utilize to identify intoxicated drivers. A handheld portable breathalyzer device gives faster results than a blood alcohol test. Although conducting a blood test to measure blood alcohol content is more accurate, it is also more invasive than a breathalyzer device. When you consume an alcoholic beverage, the liver processes it and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. The liver can typically process one standard drink per hour. If you consume alcohol faster than your liver can process it, you may become intoxicated and have impairments. The effects of alcohol consumption vary from person to person, depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • A person’s age
  • Their weight
  • Their gender
  • And how much food they have eaten before consuming alcohol

BAC Blood Test vs Breathalyzer: Accuracy and Test-taking

Who is more accurate in the BAC blood test vs breathalyzer argument? Blood alcohol tests produce highly accurate results than other alcohol breath tests because blood tests directly measure the individual’s actual BAC levels. There are several differences between blood alcohol tests and breathalyzer tests, and the primary difference is the method of testing. Conducting a BAC test using a breathalyzer is much simpler and less invasive. You are only required to provide a breath sample into a handheld breathalyzer device. Most people do not enjoy blood tests as they need to draw out blood samples. The BACtrack Trace breathalyzer unit delivers results precisely and offers you high-accuracy breathalyzer test readings. If you consider getting a breathalyzer, BACtrack is an excellent option.

The BAC blood test vs breathalyzer is entirely different in procedure times. Breathalyzers like the BACtrack Trace model only takes approximately 10 seconds to warm up for use. Breathalyzers can also provide tests results within seconds (10-15 seconds for BACtrack devices). BAC blood tests may take time because you’d need to process the samples in a laboratory.

Breathalyzer breath testing is also easier to perform on the go. Procedure times is where breathalyzers shine in the BAC blood test vs Breathalyzer argument. Breathalyzers are as small as mobile phones and are easy to place anywhere. Their size allows people and law enforcers to bring them around effortlessly. Devices like the BACtrack C6 are small enough to work as key chains. Furthermore, this feature could allow you to bring around your breathalyzer effortlessly. Attaching them to a house or car key also reduces the likelihood of you losing them.

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