Where to Get an Alcohol Breathalyzer in Australia

With the implementation of stricter and more stringent policies and penalties, owning an alcohol breathalyzer in Australia may prove to be of good use; especially to those who enjoy an occasional drink or two. An alcohol breathalyzer monitors an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC is used to determine the functional, motor, and mental capabilities of a person. Monitoring of the BAC used to be done only by police officers or medical professionals. Nowadays, with easy-to-use and understand devices like the BACtrack breathalyzer, almost anyone can do it optimally and accurately.  

BACtrack Alcohol Breathalyzer in Australia

Luckily enough, devices like the professional-grade BACtrack breathalyzer is available online. The BACtrack devices are available on our products page; along with all the information one needs to decide which machine would suit them best. When deciding to buy an alcohol breathalyzer in Australia, it is also crucial to make sure it fits and meets all the guidelines and standards the country has about alcohol breath testing.  

With countless reliable devices available through physical stores and websites, buying an alcohol breathalyzer in Australia has never been easier. The fact that these devices can provide an individual’s BAC as accurately and concisely as the one’s law enforcers use should be one of the main reasons people should buy them. Being able to monitor one’s alcohol level constantly can drastically help improve the safety of any individual. A reliable device like the BACtrack breathalyzer can be the final tool to help you decide on whether you drive or take a cab home for the night. The BACtrack breathalyzer also has an app that can help provide more information like when and how long your blood alcohol content would return to 0.00%.  

BAC Limit

A BAC of under 0.05% is now needed to be maintained when driving; anything above it is punishable by law. The higher the BAC, the more severe the penalties are for the individual, and this serves as another reason why people should own an alcohol breathalyzer in Australia. Not only can a device like the BACtrack breathalyzer improve your safety, but it can also help with preventing any premature run-ins with the law. 


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