Why You Need an Alcohol Policy for Employees

A company and its efficiency mainly rely on the productivity and performance of its employees. All successful companies have a consistent and hard-working workforce working with them. One main reason how companies maintain their efficiency from within the company is by keeping their employees safe. A safe and risk-free environment helps with comfort and stress, even under heavy workloads. With the help of a strict drug and alcohol policy for employees, companies maintain their employees’ rate and quality of work. Policies like these are induced with mobile testing units and are now made easier with the help of BACtrack workplace breathalyzers. 

A strict alcohol policy for employees may help induce discipline towards the workforce, affecting their plans on what to do before and after working hours. Alcohol does have lingering effects, which affect the attitude and behavior of an employee throughout the day. Even if they bother to show up for work, having employees under the influence of alcohol would prove to be more of a burden than any help for the company. They could easily disrupt the work of other employees as well as their safety. With frequent testing and screening available with machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzers, any form of disruption could be avoidable.  

Standards of an alcohol policy for employees

A high standard of safety within the workplace directly affects the yearly expenses of a company. Reducing risks for injury and sickness from within the company helps maintain decent health insurance costs and the absentee rating. A great way to produce such safety is by reducing the chances of substance abuse within the company. Keeping in mind that the health with high substance abuse could significantly deteriorate; and an individual might spread certain illnesses throughout the workplace. Injuries are also almost avoidable when everyone is in their right state of mind. A person under the influence of alcohol would most likely have decreased attention and awareness towards their environment and should be adequately monitored to prevent injuries to themselves and their coworkers. Therefore, it demonstrates how necessary it is to have an alcohol policy for employees that provides frequent screening.  

Given how easy it is to acquire alcoholic beverages, companies should strictly maintain an alcohol policy for employees as much as possible. Having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer, available at any time helps provide constant testing with police-grade accuracy, which would help provide a much safer workplace with little to no expense. Providing workplace safety has now become as affordable and cost-effective as it can be. 


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