Drug and Alcohol Testing in Tasmania

With drug and alcohol issues rising from all around the world, Tasmania is no exception. Companies try their best to prevent any form of substance abuse within their company; primarily because of the adverse effects it might have on their employee’s productivity and safety. Luckily enough, though, drug and alcohol testing in Tasmania can now be easily monitored around the clock (24/7) by companies that provide mobile testing units. These testing units allow for a quick and reliable method for drug testing using urine samples. Having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer could also help with the monitoring of alcohol consumption within the company. With more frequent testing methods available, the dangers of substance abuse within a workplace may be reduced.  

Drug and alcohol testing in Tasmania is now made easier with mobile testing units being able to go to the workplace and provide onsite testing, making for a less time-consuming screening method. Companies no longer need to send their employees away from the workplace to get tested. Other than testing, these drug and alcohol screening agencies also help companies with policy development, employee education, and training. Employee training, one of the more essential services they can provide, could prove beneficial. It teaches employees methods and ways to spot an individual who is struggling with substance abuse. Being able to accurately spot individuals in question could prove to be an efficient way of knowing when to perform drug tests.  

Devices for drug and alcohol testing in Tasmania

Devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer also make for a cost-effective way for testing for alcohol consumption. All that is needed for alcohol testing is to have the employee breathe into the sterile tube of the device, and the results would be ready within a few seconds. The breathalyzer could trace alcohol intake from 15 minutes up to 24 hours. Having a BACtrack workplace breathalyzer could help prevent alcohol intake before or during work. With well-equipped mobile testing units and reliable machines like the BACtrack workplace breathalyzer, drug and alcohol testing in Tasmania is now as effective and efficient as ever.  

Companies no longer need to struggle with drug and alcohol testing in Tasmania. Pre-employment, post-accident, return-to-duty, reasonable suspicion and random mass testing can now easily be provided onsite by mobile testing units. Any legal action taken towards the company can also easily be handled because of how drug and alcohol testing agencies comply with the government guidelines, procedures, and standards for screening. Monitoring employee substance abuse closely may prove beneficial for any company mainly because of the adverse effects of drugs or alcohol on an employee’s performance. 


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