Where Can I Buy a BACtrack Device?

After a few bottles of alcoholic beverages, you may enter a state where you feel either relaxed or stimulated. Depending on your tolerance level, alcohol can affect your senses, perception, and motor functions. A high impairment level can lead to decreased vision, uncoordinated movement, poor balance, and a slower reaction time, which are critical for safe driving. Therefore, people nowadays take extra precautionary measures if they plan on driving after alcohol consumption. Using a personal breathalyser is an excellent strategy to manage and track alcohol consumption effectively. A BACtrack device can help monitor your alcohol level from reaching the legal and safe limits for driving (0.05% BAC in Australia). BACtrack is the leading authority in breathalyser technology around the world.

Breathalysers are portable devices that measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person’s blood through a breath sample. All breathalysers use a sensor type to analyse the alcohol concentration. Most BACtrack devices utilise advanced fuel cell sensor technology to deliver fast and accurate results. Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process to oxidise the alcohol in the breath and determine the BAC level. As a result, they are particular to ethanol, do not react with other chemical substances, and are less likely to produce false positives. Fuel cell sensors are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Moreover, this allows the BACtrack device to have professional-grade accuracy. You can buy a BACtrack breathalyser in-store or online through Breathalysers Australia.

Buy a BACtrack device from Breathalysers Australia

Breathalysers Australia is an all-Australian owned and operated company servicing and providing BACtrack devices to safety-critical industries and the public. Breathalysers Australia partners with the transport, mining, construction, and aviation sectors to deliver safe and effective alcohol testers. The Breathalysers Australian official website has a wide range of breathalysers ideal for personal or workplace use. Based on your needs, you may select from the comprehensive selection of BACtrack devices. For example, keychain alcohol testers are great for those who prefer smaller devices. These breathalysers are small enough to fit on the keyrings of your house or car keys. Others may also prefer the highly innovative BACtrack smartphone breathalysers. These devices are capable of pairing with your smartphones via Bluetooth connection.

Breathalysers Australia has New South Wales and Queensland warehouses that provide fast and quick deliveries. The company also offers complete recalibration and after-sales services for each BACtrack unit. Additionally, Breathalysers Australia distributes the BACtrack devices throughout leading Australian retail stores like Harvey Norman. Therefore, you can get a BACtrack device at any store near you. Furthermore, the BACtrack Pro breathalysers meet the federal requirement of FDA, DOT, and Australian standards for a safe and effective alcohol breath screening device. As a result, you can ascertain a reliable breath test with a BACtrack device.

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