What is a BAC Breathalyzer?

A BAC breathalyzer is a device used to measure an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). It calculates the amount of alcohol present in the exhaled breath when a person blows into the sterile tube of the device. To help with the road, medicine administration, and workplace safety, law enforcers, medical professionals, and employers monitor BAC. Driving with a BAC of over 0.05% is considered illegal in Australia and is punishable by law. DUI charges and the severity of the penalties are then given based on how high the BAC the driver presents. With BACtrack breathalyzers devices available for public use; individuals could personally monitor BAC to help prevent any fines and punishments with police officers.

An effective personal BAC breathalyzer can provide constant and frequent BAC monitoring; especially those who occasionally enjoy spending a night out with their friends. BACtrack breathalyzers have many key features that help perform breath alcohol tests easily and conveniently. BACtrack devices come with an option to connect to your iOS, Android wirelessly, and Google device, which can provide more detailed information about your BAC, like the time it takes to reach 0.00%. This information can come very handy, especially to a learner or probational driver who requires a BAC of 0.00% to drive legally. Other BACtrack breathalyzers come as a One-Touch operation type of device that you can use immediately once turned on without the need for any further connections, settings, or modifications. It allows users to provide constant breath alcohol testing to themselves effortlessly.  

Advantages of a BAC breathalyzer

One of the best advantages a BAC breathalyzer has over other alcohol testing methods is its portability. Testing could be at almost any setting and situation, like roadside or different workstations in a workplace. It can drastically help prevent any alcohol-related incidents by singling out individuals that might have had their motor, mental and functional capabilities affected by alcohol. Some BACtrack breathalyzers also come with a keychain; which further increases the likelihood of the user having it with them despite being in a hurry to leave home. It is important to note that when buying a personal breathalyzer, one should check if it has met the Australian standards for alcohol breath screening.  

Knowing your BAC reading before getting into the car can drastically decrease the chances of DUI charges and harsh penalties you may acquire. A BAC breathalyzer can also improve the user’s safety by helping them decide whether they should drive or take a taxi home for the night. 


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