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Reasons For Drug Testing in the Workplace alongside Alcohol Testing

Workplace safety is and always has been one of the main priorities of companies and business owners alike. Procedures and policies are placed to help maintain the safety within the company for their employees. Policies like mandatory fire and earthquake drills, building security, and anti-drug and alcohol rules are widely implemented by companies worldwide. The […]

Procedure for Drug Testing Employees

Having strict workplace policies has been a norm for companies worldwide; mainly because of the rise of alcohol and drug availability and social acceptance. These policies exist primarily to help monitor and prevent the usage of alcohol and drugs of their employees; providing a safer and more efficient workplace. Despite wanting to monitor their workers […]

Alcohol and Drugs Found in the Workplace – What now?

With an increase of the availability of drugs and alcohol worldwide, the issue of their abuse is on the rise. Companies and business owners try to prevent usage by providing strict alcohol and drug policies; including frequent random alcohol and drug testing to help prevent substance abuse during or before working hours. An individual under […]

Alcohol, Drugs and Employment and why they don’t mix

Alcohol and drug usage have always been an issue worldwide, and their availability has made it an even more challenging problem to tackle. When dealing with a person under the influence, its effects on an individual’s behavior and awareness are the main issues. Impaired judgment, drowsiness, impaired coordination, and impaired motor functions are some of […]

Drug and Alcohol Solutions for Australia Review

Drug and alcohol availability has proven to have increased drastically over the years. Despite having countries with laws completely against the selling and using drugs; the prevalence of usage still seemed to have risen. The increase in drug and alcohol usage mainly affects an individual’s behavior and awareness which could endanger others. Companies and business […]

How to Get a Drug and Alcohol Screening Certification

The constant need for companies to maintain adequate drug and alcohol policies has dramatically increased the need for more efficient and frequent drug testing. One way of providing accurate testing is by having an individual with a drug and alcohol screening certification. Training for certificates like the “HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drug abuse testing” […]

Guide on Drug and Alcohol Assessment Test

Workplace safety is and always has been one of the main priorities for any business or company. Specific protocols and policies are implemented to maintain safety. Protocols like mandatory security checkups at the entrance, secured and ready to access fire escape patterns and exits, and random alcohol and drug testing for employees from time to […]

The Repercussions of Drinking Alcohol During Working Hours

Alcohol Effects  Alcohol intake can affect one’s problem-solving skills, common sense, concentration, ability to react, and coordination. Drinking alcohol during working hours can have adverse effects and repercussions on ‘fitness for work’ and the health and well-being of an individual.  As an employee, alcohol consumption in and out of work hours may become a workplace safety and […]

Can an Employer Drug Test After Hiring?

Who Requires Drug Tests  Can an employer drug test after hiring? Not all companies and employers are required by law to test for drugs and alcohol. However, companies and businesses in some industries are required to have and implement a drug and alcohol policy to test aspiring job applicants and current employees in specific roles […]