Importance of Having an Alcohol Policy at Work

Various factors affect workplace health and safety. One of the main issues and causes of workplace accidents is alcohol consumption. The consumption of alcohol and substance use can adversely affect the workplace. Consuming alcohol outside or during work hours becomes a health and safety hazard when the individual’s abilities are negatively affected. For example, alcohol intoxication can cause the following impairments, blurred vision, poor judgement, no coordination, and inattentiveness. These impairments limit the employees to perform work activities safely and adequately. Therefore, creating and establishing an alcohol policy at work is vital for companies. Conducting workplace alcohol testing is the most practical method of managing the health and safety of the employees. A breathalyser can accurately measure Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels. The perfect example of reliable and highly accurate alcohol testers is the BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia.

Undoubtedly, convenient and reliable devices such as the BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers improve workplace safety. Moreover, Breathalysers Australia offers an extensive selection of personal and workplace breathalysers that can help check and monitor alcohol consumption in the workplace. Conducting alcohol screenings in line with your alcohol policy at work can significantly reduce alcohol-related accidents. 

Alcohol Policy at Work: Using BACtrack Breathalysers

The significant cause of roadside and workplace accidents is alcohol consumption and substance use. For example, an employee consuming alcohol at work can cause significant safety risks and endanger themselves and co-workers. Also, industries with high-risk work environments like mining, transportation and construction have zero tolerance policies. These companies with an alcohol policy at work can conduct alcohol testing utilising a workplace breathalyser to identify intoxicated employees. Alcohol testers like the BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia can help improve workplace safety and reduce workplace accidents due to alcohol intoxication.  

An alcohol policy at work ensures that employees are not impaired by alcohol. Therefore, making the workplace safer and preventing accidents. Workplace alcohol testing using the BACtrack pro-grade breathalysers can significantly help companies conduct alcohol screening. These valuable and highly accurate workplace breathalysers measure BAC levels from 0.00% to 0.40%. Therefore, the BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia can identify trace amounts of alcohol through breath sampling. In addition, the BACtrack pro models have FDA approval and meet all standard requirements for an effective alcohol testing device. 


Alcohol Testing at Work: Effects of Alcohol

People consume alcohol for varying reasons, the most common is because the effects of alcohol can be relaxing. However, consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol can significantly impair one’s senses and body functions. Individuals with high levels of BAC will likely have impairments and difficulty keeping their balance. High-risk industries have a drug and alcohol policy at work to conduct alcohol breath testing at work using a breathalyser. Testing employees for substance use ensure that employees can safely and efficiently do their jobs. Moreover, alcohol consumption during work can have adverse effects like the following:

  • Workplace safety: An employee impaired by alcohol cannot safely work and concentrate on tasks. These impairments may cause significant health and safety risks in the workplace. 
  • High costs: Alcohol-related accidents result in medical or insurance bills and workplace damage. Furthermore, the cost of training newly hired employees due to high turnover rates are more significant than the cost of maintaining a healthy and stable workforce.
  • Legal obligations: Companies are legally liable if an employee is injured.

Therefore, having an alcohol policy at work can be beneficial. Alcohol testing using the BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia can accurately measure BAC levels. BACtrack is the leading breathalyser company that provides pro-grade devices. You may visit the official Breathalysers Australia website to check all readily available breathalysers we offer. 

Why Use a Breathalyser?

Alcohol intoxication can cause significant health and safety risks in the workplace. Therefore, a practical and easy-to-understand alcohol policy at work can be beneficial. Conducting workplace alcohol testing is essential in preventing alcohol-related accidents. For alcohol testing, companies may use a convenient and reliable testing method to control and stop workplace alcohol consumption. An alcohol breath tester like the BACtrack workplace breathalyser can quickly provide accurate BAC readings within 10 to 15 seconds. This key feature of the BACtrack pro-grade devices allows management to continuously conduct frequent testing to maintain workplace safety. If you seek the ideal alcohol breath testing device, BACtrack supplies various breathalysers that utilise fuel cell sensors. These fuel cell breathalysers only react to ethanol and no other substances, making them less likely to result in false positives


Alcohol Policy at Work: Testing Situations

 If you are considering establishing an alcohol policy at work, you may notice that workplace alcohol testing is an efficient way to deter alcohol use. In addition, having a portable and accurate breathalyser like the BACtrack devices can help identify intoxicated employees. The BACtrack workplace breathalysers utilise fuel cell sensors, ideal for workplace testing. This fuel cell sensor technology is the same quality law enforcement officers use as breathalysers. Moreover, most companies conduct alcohol testing in different situations, such as:

  • Pre-employment: Alcohol screening during hiring significantly helps management determine if the applicant has risky alcohol behaviour. In addition, alcohol testing also helps in avoiding hiring applicants that may affect workplace safety.
  • Random Testing: Random testing is to help reduce workplace risks and identify employees that use prohibited substances. 
  • Post-incident: This type of testing is for after workplace accidents. This test will help management identify if the accident is due to alcohol or drug use. 
  • For-cause: Management may request testing if they reasonably suspect the individual is impaired.

Alcohol Policy at Work: Breath Testing

All companies must legally maintain their workplaces free of alcohol and other illegal substances. Therefore, an alcohol policy at work is the most practical deterrent. Workplace alcohol testing using a breathalyser helps management keep a safe working environment. Alcohol consumption has lasting effects that can negatively affect an employee’s behaviour and abilities, which cause safety risks. Additionally, companies may benefit from alcohol testing using a breathalyser like the BACtrack from Breathalyers Australia. For example, if your company requires high-volume testing, you may want to get the BACtrack S80 Pro Gen2 workplace breathalyser. It is the ideal device for workplace testing; it utilises fuel cell sensors to provide constant and precise BAC readings. Breath testing using BACtrack devices can help maintain a safer workplace and avoid alcohol-related accidents and injuries.


Alcohol consumption is the most common issue in any workplace. All companies must have an alcohol policy at work to conduct alcohol testing. In addition, all workplaces that have these workplace policies ensure that they have a healthy and safe working environment. The BACtrack workplace breathalysers are excellent tools for ensuring workplace safety. The BACtrack pro-grade models from Breathalysers Australia are a worthy investment if you want to improve security. These breathalysers are reliable and highly accurate devices.