What is an Alcohol Detector Machine and Where Can I Get One

You’ve probably seen police conduct an alcohol breath test to check alcohol levels on drivers. Law enforcers patrol roads to ensure safe driving for all motorists. They use an alcohol detector machine to confirm the presence of alcohol in the bloodstream of suspected drivers. If you’ve consumed alcohol earlier, the device can detect it immediately. You can avoid drink-driving charges by keeping your blood alcohol content (BAC) level as low as possible. The BAC is the amount of alcohol in your blood, and it can determine your intoxication level. A BAC of 0.05% or higher subjects you to drink-driving penalties and possible imprisonment terms. It is best to check your BAC beforehand with BACtrack breathalysers to prevent road accidents or altercations with the police.

The most common type of alcohol detector machine is a breathalyser. The breathalyser is a portable device that uses sensor technology to measure your BAC through a breath sample. Firstly, the device has a mouthpiece for the breath sample. Next, the sensors react with the alcohol and cause a chemical reaction, calculating the blood alcohol content within seconds. Lastly, the device displays your BAC result as a percentage on its LED screen or through your phone. Breathalysers use two kinds of sensors: semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. BACtrack personal breathalysers mainly use police-grade fuel cell sensors for highly accurate results.

An Accurate Alcohol Detector Machine: BACtrack Personal Breathalysers 

Any alcohol detector machine from the wide range of BACtrack personal breathalysers can prove to be highly reliable and convenient. The BACtrack Keychain breathalyser, for example, is the ideal device for those looking for a highly compact machine. They are small, easy to use, and attachable to your house or car keys. Some models have wireless connectivity to smartphones via Bluetooth connection. The BACtrack smartphone series, such as the Mobile Pro and C6, can accurately measure your BAC and deliver your results directly to your phone. You also have the option to delete, store, or share your BAC results. BACtrack smartphone breathalysers have access to the BACtrack app. This feature allows you to track your BAC effectively and estimate when it will return to 0.00%.

An alcohol detector machine is the most convenient and practical way of checking your BAC instantly. Law enforcement uses it as a primary screening method to confirm the intoxication or alcohol impairment of the driver. By reviewing your BAC beforehand, you can make informed decisions such as limiting your alcohol intake, waiting for your alcohol level to decrease, or taking an alternative means of transportation. Without a doubt, you can confidently manage your alcohol consumption by doing self-tests with a BACtrack personal breathalyser. Moreover, BACtrack breathalysers are available in most retail stores nationwide and online at Breathalysers Australia.

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