How to use a Breathalyser known as a Breatho Machine?

You may have heard of what a breathalyser is. Others may also refer to it as a breatho machine or an alcohol breath tester. However, you may not know what they are for or how these machines work. Some knowledge of breathalysers may come in handy nowadays, given that there are now BACtrack personal breathalysers available.

Alcohol breath analysers or a breatho machine do not directly measure blood alcohol content. To get an actual measurement of blood alcohol content requires analysis of your breath. Furthermore, the breathalyser unit works by calculating your BAC by measuring the amount of alcohol present in your breath. There are two types of breathalysers that law enforcement officers currently use:

  • Small handheld portable breathalyser units
  • Larger breathalyser devices typically found in law enforcement stations

The portable breathalyser units generally utilise fuel cell sensors. These sensors are highly accurate and can provide you with reliable test results. If you are interested in getting a personal breatho machine, consider getting a BACtrack personal breathalyser. BACtrack breathalysers can offer you various options, from small keychain breathalyser units to highly accurate workplace devices. Additionally, BACtrack personal breathalysers are compact, easy to use and reliable breath testing devices. Our breathalyser, the BACtrack S80 Pro, utilises fuel cell sensors with police-grade accuracy. Moreover, it is the same technology you can find in a police officers’ small handheld breathalyser.

How to Properly use an Alcohol Breath tester

Proper use of a personal breathalyser or breatho machine is typically straightforward. When purchasing your breathalyser, it naturally comes with instructions on conducting a test correctly. There are various crucial steps to follow before testing someone to ensure you get the most accurate results.


  • Before conducting a breath test, you should wait at least 20 minutes after having your last drink; this includes mouthwash that is alcohol-based or similar products.
  • Avoid running a breath test with high wind or in enclosed spaces.
  • You mustn’t blow smoke, saliva into the mouthpiece or device. You may damage the sensor with contaminants.
  • Do NOT use breathalyser devices as a tool or excuse to consume alcohol and drive.
  • Keep the breathalyser device out of extreme temperatures and away from the reach of children.

Steps to Use a Breatho Machine

  • Attach the provided mouthpiece to the breatho machine.
  • Power on the breathalyser device.
  • Wait for at least 5-10 seconds for the unit to warm up.
  • Properly blow air into the mouthpiece (provide a firm blow).
  • Wait for the device to measure and analyse the breath sample you have provided and show you the results.
  • The breathalyser device will automatically power off if not in use.

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