What is the Best Alcohol Breath Tester

A breathalyser or an alcohol breath tester is a device that can measure your blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC refers to the ratio of alcohol within your blood. Police officers and medical professionals perform blood alcohol tests regularly. These tests can help them monitor road safety and provide appropriate medicine applications. Nowadays, though, to help improve public safety, personal breathalysers are now available through in-shop or online purchases. These personal breathalysers can effectively help you monitor your alcohol consumption. Better consumption monitoring could lead to better decision making at the end of the night. With the rising usage of personal devices like BACtrack breathalysers, many now ask: What is the best alcohol breath tester available? 

What is the best alcohol breath tester, and what are its features? There are many features to look out for when looking for a practical device. Having reliable accuracy is the most important feature of them all. BACtrack breathalysers, for example, use fuel cell sensor technology. This sensor technology is the same kind of technology you could find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Having a fuel cell sensor means that the device can provide professional-grade results. These are the type of sensors law enforcers heavily rely on to help keep our roads safe. Most BACtrack personal breathalysers use this type of sensory, making these devices highly reliable for BAC readings.

What is the Best Alcohol Breath Tester: Other Key Features

BACtrack does not shy off from innovation. Other than accuracy, BACtrack personal breathalysers feature some of the most unique and convenient features you can find in a breath tester. Deciding what is the best alcohol breath tester may be difficult when comparing two different BACtrack devices. BACtrack offers a large variety of devices that span from simple one-button operation devices to devices that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth connectivity allows BACtrack devices to show more information via the BACtrack phone app. The BACtrack app can display helpful information like BAC readings with time stamps and when and how long your BAC would return to 0.00%. Data like these could help would-be drivers make better decisions after consuming alcohol. You can find simple one-button operations in devices like the BACtrack S80 Pro. 

Smarter decisions after alcohol consumption could drastically help improve safety and prevent trouble with the law. Knowing if your BAC is nearing the alcohol driving limit of 0.05% could help you control your alcohol consumption. Knowing what is the best alcohol breath tester available could significantly help with your decision on what device you should purchase. Just remember, you cannot go wrong when choosing a BACtrack personal breathalyser. Choosing a BACtrack device is the right choice because of its compelling features and high accuracy, and precision. All BACtrack devices rank within the top 50 breathalysers on amazon. And they can be purchased here at Breathalysers Australia.


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