What is a PBT Breathalyzer?

What is a PBT breathalyzer, and do I have to undergo these kinds of tests? The preliminary breath test or the PBT is a portable, handheld breathalyzer device that law enforcement officers usually use. Law enforcers commonly utilize the PBT device during routine traffic stops. Officers perform a PBT in conjunction with conducting field sobriety exercises to determine if an individual is intoxicated or has impaired driving. If an officer has reasonable justification for believing that an individual is driving under the influence, they may request that you undergo a PBT. The officer will use a handheld breathalyzer device to capture and calculate your breath alcohol content (BAC). Refusing to take a breathalyzer test when under suspicion is already a severe offence. An individual who refuses an alcohol breath test may face a suspended license and criminal charges.

So how does a PBT breathalyzer work? The breathalyzer can measure a specific sample of air. A PBT breathalyzer device calculates and shows the results of a measurement of your BAC level. You can provide a breath same by exhaling air from your deep lung. Air coming from the deep lung can give a highly accurate sample of an actual BAC level. Law enforcement officers will have you blow through the breathalyzer’s mouthpiece for several seconds. It is a common misconception that these breathalyzer devices are testing blood alcohol. In reality, the devices work by testing and measuring your breath alcohol concentration. You may also perform self-tests with devices like the BACtrack personal breathalyzer.

Personal PBT Breathalyzer: BACtrack

If you are interested in getting a personal PBT breathalyzer, you should consider getting one from BACtrack. The BACtrack personal breathalyzer units offer you highly compact, portable, and accurate units. The Professional breathalyzer series utilizes fuel cell technology that provides exact and consistent BAC readings. The sturdy BACtrack S80 Pro is a perfect example of a high-tech breathalyzer unit. It uses a fuel cell sensor that has police-grade accuracy. Each BACtrack unit purchase comes with a certificate of accuracy, so you can start conducting tests with no worries. Moreover, BACtrack devices feature the same kind of technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer.

Various factors can manifest doubt upon a PBT breathalyzer test result. You must recalibrate the unit from time to time to ensure accuracy. You should also wait at least 20 minutes after your first drink before conducting a self-breath test. Without a doubt, using Devices like the BACtrack personal breathalyzer can help you monitor your alcohol consumption. Additionally, it only takes about 5-10 seconds for a BACtrack breathalyzer to provide you with your results.

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