BACtrack s80 Pro vs BACtrack Trace Pro

These two breathalysers are likely BACtrack’s number one and two sellers, and often we are asked what the difference between the two models actually are.

Here are some facts about the two that may help you with your decision making process:

  1. The BACtrack Trace is the latest edition to the Pro Series range. It superseded a previous model around mid-2014.
  2. The sensors on the two units are very similar, although not exactly the same. They both contain Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology.
  3. The BACtrack Trace is around 40% lighter and is a bit more portable than its cousin the BACtrack S80 Pro.
  4. The BACtrack S80 Pro has a greater range of features than the Trace Pro (although not all features are necessarily required by the user). The S80 Pro additionally has:

# Test Counter, so the user can know how many tests have been performed since the units’ last calibration.

# Record of last 10 blows. So when retesting it is a little easier to tell if your BAC is rising or falling.

# Adjustable units of measure. Should the user prefer to see the display in other outputs rather than just %BAC. NB: We recommend keeping units in %BAC however as it is the easiest way to compute.

# Audible alarm point setting to tell you if you blow over a certain predefined level.

# Adjustable blow time setting. Longer blows give increased accuracy, so long as the user can remain comfortable when the blow time requirement is lengthened.

# A hard carry case to protect the unit better.

The long and short of it is. These are both world leading, quality breathalysers and in terms of accuracy there is not a great deal of difference between the two. Our suggestion would be that if you can afford to pay the extra for the BACtrack S80 Pro then excellent, if on the other hand you have a tighter budget to adhere to then the BACtrack Trace Pro will easily suffice for your driving needs.