What is the Most Accurate Home Breathalyzer

You can drastically help improve your safety by checking your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) while consuming alcohol. Thanks to the commercial proliferation of home breathalyzers, it is easier to check your alcohol level today than decades ago. Breathalyzers are portable breath testing devices that measure how much alcohol is in your blood. Knowing your BAC level when consuming alcohol is essential in staying alert and controlling. However, with the vast choices available in the market, many people ask: what is the most accurate home breathalyzer?

There are many different kinds of breathalyzers, each with unique features. Firstly, there are professional breathalyzers. These breathalyzers utilize advanced sensors, especially fuel cell technology giving the most precise breath test results. Law enforcement, hospitals, and workplaces use fuel cell breathalyzers to accurately determine a person’s BAC. Secondly, breathalyzers are also available for at-home or personal use. Typically, budget home breathalyzers use semiconductor oxide sensors to measure the BAC. Semiconductor breathalyzers are more affordable, but their results can sometimes be unreliable. BACtrack personal breathalyzers mostly use fuel cell sensors, making BACtrack the most accurate home breathalyzer brand available.

The Most Accurate Home Breathalyzer Brand: BACtrack

Without a doubt, BACtrack is one of the most accurate home breathalyzer brands available in the open market. They are accurate mainly because of the technology they use. BACtrack is the world’s leading authority when it comes to breathalyzer technology. Most BACtrack breathalyzers use platinum fuel cell sensors for precise alcohol breath testing at the best value. In particular, professional-grade breathalyzers such as the BACtrack S80 Pro, BACtrack Trace and BACtrack Mobile pro are best-rated breathalyzers for personal or at-home use. BACtrack even has devices that are small enough to be a keychain. Other BACtrack devices can also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. This feature can help you with BAC tracking and allow you to share your BAC with your family.

Alcohol affects each person differently. A high BAC level impairs the body’s physical and motor functions, which is essential when driving. Whether you consume alcohol occasionally or regularly, you need the most accurate home breathalyzer to help monitor your BAC. You can worry less and feel assured when you have a BACtrack personal breathalyzer with you. Testing is done to each BACtrack unit to ensure they meet the Australian standards to be a reliable breath testing device. Check Breathalysers Australia online for the complete selection of breathalyzers for your needs.

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