What is a Full License Alcohol Limit

A full license alcohol limit of under 0.05% BAC allows drivers to have about one standard drink per hour and still be legally permitted to drive. The blood alcohol content (BAC) is the amount of alcohol in a person’s system and determines functional and mental state; this translates to one’s ability to drive. Law enforcers mainly monitor the BAC of drivers to help them maintain road safety and reduce alcohol-related accidents. A driver blows into the sterile tube of a breathalyzer, calculating the amount of alcohol present in the exhaled breath; then converting it to a corresponding BAC level. Knowing how much to drink for would-be drivers has now been made easier with the help of devices like the BACtrack personal breathalyzer, which can constantly provide accurate readings.  

On the other hand, other than the 0.05% full license alcohol limit, some drivers have stricter drink driving policies. Taxi, bus, or truck drivers are required to maintain a BAC of under 0.02%. Learner, probationary one, and probationary two drivers must always keep a BAC reading of 0.00%. A BACtrack breathalyzer can significantly help monitor BAC levels and provide additional helpful information; such as when and how long until its user’s BAC would return to 0.00%. It would prove convenient, especially to drivers who have stricter restrictions.  

Full License Alcohol Limit

One should note that going over the full license alcohol limit of 0.05% BAC is deemed illegal and is punishable by law. DUI charges for first-time offenders may result in hefty fines up to $2000; and may have their licenses disqualified for up to three years. Repeat or high range offenders may face larger fines of up to $3000, required to have ignition interlocks, have their vehicles impounded, and possible jail time. People nowadays rely heavily on personal breathalyzers to help them avoid these severe penalties. BACtrack breathalyzers, for example, have fuel cell technology; this is the same kind of technology one would find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. It allows even personal breathalyzers to be as reliable as the law enforcers use to deliberate a driver and provide accurate professional-grade results.  

With all the severe penalties one could acquire when going over the full license alcohol limit, one should consider how reasonable it is not to invest in a personal breathalyzer. Not only can it help with preventing DUI charges, but it may also help you know when you’ve had enough to drink, which can also drastically help with your safety and decrease health risks. 


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