Drunk Driving: The Need to Know

Australia has strict laws about drunk driving; the legal limit set for full license holders is at 0.05% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). People who have a learner’s and probationary licence must always have a 0.00% alcohol concentration level. Alcohol acts as a depressant that slows down the body and affects both physical and mental functions. Excessive alcohol consumption may cause impairments and will affect a person’s judgment.

The effects of alcohol and drunk driving:

  • When impaired by alcohol, drivers will have decreased ability to judge speed and distance.
  • Drivers will have a false sense of confidence.
  • Drivers will have reduced coordination and focus; this may dull the thinking process and make it hard to multi-task
  • Drivers will have slower reaction times; this may cause the person not to notice other drivers or vehicles.
  • Drivers will have impaired vision and perception of obstacles on the road; this reduces the person’s ability to drive safely.

Excessive alcohol consumption means that you may still have alcohol in your system the next day. If you plan on going out for a drink, the safest option is to arrange a means of alternative transport ahead of time to ensure you get home safely. An excellent way to reduce roadside accidents caused by drunk driving is a personal breathalyzer. Having an alcohol breath tester can be a helpful tool to keep track of your alcohol consumption. If you are unsure that you are fit to drive, you can test yourself and see if you are still under the legal limits. BACtrack personal breathalyzers help provide constant and accurate BAC readings for those who enjoy an alcoholic beverage. BACtrack devices are also compact and portable, which allows for BAC testing on the go.

According to traffic laws in Australia, Driving Under the Influence is a severe crime. Law enforcers may also give a drunk driving offence even if the individual only supervises a student driver.

How Much Can A Person Drink

  • Blood alcohol concentration is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in your body. In most states, it is illegal to drive if your BAC is 0.05 or higher. However, people who have a Learners or Provisional licence and professional drivers like public transportation personnel must maintain a 0.00% BAC.

DUI Penalties

  • Jail Time: If caught drunk driving, you may become subject to imprisonment.
  • Fine: You will need to pay a hefty sum.
  • Interlock Condition: You may be subject to having an interlock system in your vehicle

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