Alcohol and Drug Test Kits in Australia

A prevention policy or program enables the workplace to conduct drug and alcohol testing to monitor the status of employees. The main goal of a workplace policy is to minimise safety hazards by identifying and managing risk factors. For instance, safety-regulated industries such as mining, logistics, aviation, or construction have mandatory testing to reduce accidents in the worksite. Furthermore, most companies use alcohol and drug test kits in Australia to check for substance or alcohol use among workers. Workplace alcohol and drug tests nowadays are more common.

A workplace can use alcohol and drug test kits in Australia to identify possible impairments in the workplace. You may use a breathalyser device to detect alcohol impairments and know the actual blood alcohol content (BAC) level. Devices like the BACtrack breathalyser are portable testing devices that measure the BAC level through breath samples. The device has a mouthpiece that directs the exhaled air to the sensors. The sensors examine the alcohol in the breath and calculate the BAC. The BACtrack breathalysers use fuel cell sensors to estimate the BAC level accurately. Fuel cell sensors are capable of high-volume testing. BACtrack devices also feature the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyser. These sensors are sensitive to alcohol and are less likely to provide false-positive results. Companies can also use drug test kits before hiring testing services, saving them money.

Using Alcohol and Drug Test Kits in Australia

Despite being easy to perform, you must still observe the proper guidelines of using alcohol and drug test kits in Australia. Firstly, you need to have the consent of employees to administer alcohol and drug testing in the workplace. Secondly, make sure to provide the proper purpose for testing. There are several scenarios where you can conduct on-site testing. You may test employees during pre-employment, randomly, post-incident, or with reasonable cause (for employees with altered behaviour). For example, an employer may conduct an alcohol and drug test after an accident. These tests can identify whether substances have contributed to the accident. Additionally, if you have a reason to believe a worker is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may request a test. You must follow proper protocols to conduct workplace testing to avoid legal complications.

Alcohol and drug tests are vital components of any workplace safety program. Choosing the proper alcohol and drug test kits in Australia can help you achieve a substance-free environment. For effective and reliable alcohol breath devices, Breathalysers Australia has got you covered. BACtrack workplace breathalysers can provide more efficient tests. It only takes BACtrack devices 10 to 15 seconds to process your BAC results. Breathalysers Australia also offers recalibration services for BACtrack devices with high-volume usage.

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