What is AS4308 and Why is it Important

Drug and alcohol-related screening have always been a standard for any company when hiring new employees; and keeping their current employees in check. When consumed by people, alcohol and drugs will always be excreted in the urine; wherein screening tests can detect them, depending on the amount consumed. The AS4308 is an Australian Drug testing standard that guides screening tests on the common classes of drugs in urine. Despite being the most used, urine drug testing is not the most accurate; its accuracy falls behind the blood sample testing done by medical professionals. It makes up for that issue by being the easiest to perform along with a good testing period window; staying accurate for about 48 hours since drug consumption.  

The AS4308 Standard

The AS4308 drug testing standard has been used ever since it was first introduced. It helps officials separate those under the heavy influence. In terms of their behavior and capabilities to drive those under heavy influence, be it alcohol or drugs; close monitoring by themselves, family members, or officials should be set.

With technology catching up to the current times, portable breathalyzers, which can easily be placed in a pocket or in a car, can now be used to help people determine the amount of influence they are under, in terms of drugs like marijuana and blood alcohol content. This has proven to be an even safer solution as breathalyzers are now available to the public. Along with its availability, the user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use, which only requires a good blow into the machine for results to start appearing. An excellent example of this is when a person buys one for himself and uses it to check how much under the influence he is, and it might help with the person’s decision on whether to drive home from the bar or take a cab for the night.  

BACtrack Breathalyzers

Alcohol and Drug screening will never be absolute. It will always be a requirement, especially for people driving suspiciously dangerous or for someone acting a lot weirder in the workplace. The AS4308 and testers like the BACtrack breathalyzers will always be needed to help monitor the safety in the road, at home, or the workplace. Therefore, more monitoring options available would lead to more excellent safety for everyone in the long run; in which products like the BACtrack breathalyzer units are now available for the public. Having a breathalyzer may prove to be a literal lifesaver to some people and prove to be an excellent investment. 


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