How Much Does a Drug and Alcohol Test Cost?

Alcohol consumption or drug usage can affect your senses, memory, reflexes, and coordination. Thousands of people get into alcohol or substance-related accidents each year and get severe injuries. In fact, one of the leading causes of road crashes in Australia every year is due to substance-related impaired driving. Likewise, intoxication accounts for most workplace accidents. Therefore, implementing a prevention program is critical in managing safety risks in the workplace. Organisations allot a substantial budget for drug and alcohol test costs to minimise occupational work hazards.

Drug and alcohol tests are an integral part of any workplace safety program. Workplace testing is necessary to deter the use of illicit substances. A standard workplace test could include blood, urine, or saliva tests for drugs and a breath test for alcohol. The employer may request an accredited testing facility to conduct mobile or on-site tests for employees. Mass random testing can help determine and point out employees that might endanger others. Breath test procedures are simple and cost-efficient and can be done at almost any time and randomly. Companies can use the BACtrack workplace breathalyser to monitor their employees constantly. Breathalysers analyse the alcohol through its sensors and estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) within seconds. Despite being pricey, combining the drug and alcohol test cost is minimal compared to the costs for health and accident compensation.

Drug and Alcohol Test Cost and Benefits

Testing centres can offer on-site random testing, post-incident or suspicion testing, and in-clinic testing. The average drug and alcohol test cost ranges from $50-80 for a pre-arranged or walk-in fee. The preliminary screening covers testing the blood or urine sample for commonly used substances such as meth/amphetamines, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana. Additional charges may also apply for setting up a mobile facility and if they require further tests. Some facilities also offer bundled pricing to all drug and alcohol clients. Typically, the cost includes the use of equipment, set-up, and the services of professional collectors to administer the test.

The drug and alcohol test cost may seem high, but its benefits outweigh the cost. Safety-critical industries such as mining, construction, aviation, and transportation consider workplace testing an investment. A comprehensive drug and alcohol policy reduces the negative impact of substance use and manages safety risks effectively. Breathalysers Australia has a selection of BACtrack breathalysers suitable for workplace use for your breath test needs. The BACtrack Pro breathalysers utilise advanced fuel cell sensor technology to determine the BAC level accurately. Moreover, BACtrack breathalysers also comply with Australian Standards and meet the federal requirements of DOT and FDA for effective breath testing devices.

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