BACtrack Breathalyzer Buy Guide

A breathalyzer is a valuable device that can estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) or alcohol level. The BAC level is the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream, and it can determine your intoxication or impairment level. Using a breathalyzer helps moderate alcohol consumption and can prevent you from drink-driving. Once you have decided to get one for yourself, the next thing to do is find the best breathalyzer in the market. Moreover, the best device should deliver consistent and reliable breath test results each time. A breathalyzer buy guide can help you make the right purchase decision. BACtrack is the leading authority in alcohol breath testing when it comes to breathalyzers.

The BACtrack breathalyzer buy guide is here to help break down the essentials of an effective breath alcohol device. There are three primary considerations in buying a breathalyzer: accuracy, cost, and convenience.

Breathalyzer Buy Guide: Important Device Features

  • Accuracy – The heart of any breathalyzer lies in its ability to measure the BAC level accurately. We depend on accuracy to make informed decisions, especially when it comes to driving. Breathalyzers use two standard sensors, the semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. The quality of a breath test depends on the kind of sensor used. Most BACtrack personal breathalyzers use advanced fuel cell sensors and fine-tuned algorithms to estimate the BAC accurately. These are the same sensors you would find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. Use a breathalyzer buy guide to find devices that are highly accurate.
  • Cost – Breathalyzers are investment-worthy devices that can protect and save you and others from accidents. The cost of breathalyzers depends on the type of sensors used. Semiconductor sensors are relatively cheaper than fuel cell sensors. Fuel cell breathalyzers are more expensive, but they provide more accurate results. So, when it comes to safety, no cost is too high. BACtrack has a range of breathalyzers to suit every need and budget. You get police-grade accuracy with BACtrack fuel cell breathalyzers at a more affordable cost.
  • Convenience – Breathalysers are portable devices that make alcohol breath testing efficiently. The BACtrack breathalyzers have a one-touch operation to make checking your alcohol level fast and easy. You can give a sample breath and determine your BAC results in 10 to 15 seconds at a single press of a button. Furthermore, BACtrack smartphone breathalyzers come with Bluetooth connectivity that pairs with your smartphone seamlessly. Moreover, after pairing with the device, you can administer a self-breath test and view your results directly from your phone.

Breathalysers Australia: Services

Choosing a breathalyzer can be overwhelming at first. Without a doubt, alcohol impairment is complicated and has messy outcomes. The BACtrack breathalyzer buy guide can help you select a device that makes alcohol breath tests cost-effective and straightforward. In choosing a breathalyzer device, always go for a reputable brand with excellent services. Breathalysers Australia also offers recalibration services for any BACtrack device to maintain accuracy.

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