Breathalyzer Comparison Guide

A breathalyzer is an alcohol testing device that objectively determines your alcohol intoxication level through your breath. The device measures your blood alcohol content (BAC), equivalent to the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. A breathalyzer can last for a very long time through proper use and maintenance. Thus, the right breathalyzer can be your long-term companion and partner after you consume alcohol. The breathalyzer comparison guide below will assist you in selecting the proper breath testing device for your needs.

Breathalyzers like BACtrack devices work by processing your breath sample through sensors and calculating your BAC instantly. A simple breathalyzer comparison of effective devices can help you choose a suitable unit for yourself.

The primary considerations are as follows:

  • The intent of Use – Most breathalyzers are ideal for everyday, personal use. For example, people get a breathalyzer to check their BAC after consuming alcohol and confirming sobriety in the morning. In addition, some workplaces need high-accuracy breathalyzers to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. In this case, the BACtrack pro-grade breathalyzers are perfect for workplace use.
  • Sensor Type – The optimal performance of any breathalyzer ultimately comes down to the type of sensor used. Breathalyzers use two standard sensor technology to calculate the BAC: semiconductor and fuel cell sensors. Semiconductor breathalyzers are more affordable but are most likely to produce false-positive results. On the other hand, a fuel cell breathalyzer can deliver higher accuracy and validity. These sensors are also susceptible to only ethyl alcohol. This feature reduces the likelihood of false positives. Therefore, law enforcement and the workplace use a fuel cell breathalyzer.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Some breathalyzers like the BACtrack C6 and the BACtrack Mobile can wirelessly sync to the BACtrack smartphone app. Smartphone breathalyzers can measure your BAC and deliver the results straight to your phone. You can store your records and view your alcohol consumption history through the tracking graph. Additionally, the app can help estimate when your BAC level returns to 0.00%. When you look at a breathalyzer comparison, you would notice that not a lot of devices have this feature.
  • Battery – Long battery life is essential for a breathalyzer. Most units use AAA batteries, while some, like the BACtrack Mobile, come with a Lithium rechargeable battery.
  • Calibration – Periodic calibration is crucial to maintaining the accuracy of your breathalyzer. Some units need calibration every six or twelve months (depending on usage). Breathalysers Australia offers complete calibration services for all BACtrack breathalyzers.

Breathalyzer Comparisons: BACtrack breathalyzers in Breathalysers Australia

A basic breathalyzer comparison can help you decide according to your needs or budget. Then, you can pick out a breathalyzer from a reputable brand that has all the features you’re looking for. Additionally, complete information and specifications should be available regarding the breathalyzer you choose. Visit Breathalysers Australia for full details on their BACtrack personal or workplace breathalyzers.

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