The Breathalyser Police Use

Social events bring people together, and consuming alcohol often brings them even closer. Alcohol warms up the body and lowers inhibitions making some people display behaviour they usually would not do. A high level of alcohol in the body has adverse consequences. Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol is never recommended. In Australia, police patrol the road for suspected intoxicated drivers. If they have any reason to believe that you are intoxicated while driving, they will pull you off to the side and do a breath screening test with a breathalyser. The breathalyser police use is the most accurate breath testing device that is less likely to produce false positives.

If you consume alcohol, it is best to keep it minimal, or you will have to deal with law enforcement. Breathalysers like the BACtrack Pro series use the most advanced sensor technology to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) accurately. The breathalyser police use has the same fuel cell sensor technology. The BAC is the amount of alcohol in the breath in proportion to the blood. If they suspect you of DUI, they will ask you to blow into the mouthpiece device. Once the device registers a positive test result or high BAC, they may ask you to take a secondary test at a nearby facility or police station using a larger, less mobile breath testing device.

The Breathalyser Police Officers Use at a Station

The breathalyser police officers use at a police station is infrared spectroscopy, a breath alcohol analyser with the most precise BAC readings. However, its size and cost limit it only to law enforcement or testing facility usage. Additionally, the BAC results from the infrared spectroscopy breathalyser are usable in court as evidence, should you go over the legal limit of 0.05% BAC. An accurate BAC reading can help improve road safety and prevent road accidents. Additionally, drink driving is a criminal offence in Australia, and it has severe penalties even for low to mid-range cases.

Fortunately, there are solutions to avoid trouble with the law. A personal breathalyser can help you monitor your BAC level during and after consuming alcohol. You can check your BAC regularly to help you maintain safe alcohol levels. Moreover, you now have the option of using devices with the same sensor as the breathalyser police officers use. The BACtrack S80 Pro breathalyser uses XTend fuel cell sensor technology, giving a personal device the most accurate BAC reading possible. Without a doubt, you can confidently make the right decisions if you have a reliable breathalyser in your hands.

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