Breath Alcohol Testing Equipment used in Australia

Alcohol consumption can cause problems in the workplace and on the road. Going to work after alcohol consumption can affect productivity and safety. On the other hand, driving under the influence can lead to car crashes or accidents. Moreover, alertness and sobriety are vital towards safe working environments and roads. To ensure safe practice, many Australian companies use breath alcohol testing equipment to minimise alcohol-related incidents. Likewise, Health facilities, institutions and police officers also use breath alcohol testing equipment to ensure proper medicine application and public safety.

There are different types of breath alcohol testing equipment available. Without a doubt, the most practical, convenient, and non-invasive way is through a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a portable mouthpiece device where a person can exhale into. The exhaled air goes to a vial undergoing an electrochemical process that measures the blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC figures indicate the level of alcohol in a person’s blood. A high BAC means a large amount of alcohol is in the blood. With a BACtrack personal breathalyser, you can get fast, accurate, and reliable results. BACtrack has a series of top-quality breathalysers ideal for personal or workplace use. Additionally, BACtrack breathalysers have the most advanced sensor technology available. It can accurately measure BAC consistently within seconds.

The use of Alcohol Testing Equipment in Australia

Nowadays, many people use breath alcohol testing equipment in Australia, especially law enforcement. Police pull suspected drivers aside and check their alcohol levels through their breathalysers. This method allows officers to check for driver violations effectively. Consequently, if you registered a BAC of more than the legal limit of 0.05%, you can face criminal charges and punishment. It is no wonder that it is better to carry a breathalyser with you than get into possible legal trouble. BACtrack is a trusted device used by many, and they rely on it mainly to monitor their alcohol consumption. BACtrack personal breathalysers have fuel cell sensor technology, the same technology in an officer’s breathalyser.

The results from breath alcohol testing equipment may vary. If you largely depend on the accuracy of a breathalyser, the key is to choose the most trusted brand in Australia. BACtrack breathalysers are all top-rated devices with the highest precision for personal devices. Moreover, the pro-grade series meets all the reliable breath alcohol device standards with unparalleled accuracy. So, if you are fond of ending a long day with alcohol consumption, BACtrack is your best ally. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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