A Guide on Using the Breathalyser App

With the implementation of new strict policies and severe penalties on DUI charges, the need to monitor one’s blood alcohol content (BAC) may now be as relevant as ever. Only law enforcers had access to alcohol breath testers back then; which made it practically impossible for one to know their BAC after a night of drinking with their friends. Nowadays, though, people can now reliably monitor their BAC using professional-grade alcohol breath testers with devices like the BACtrack breathalyser made available to the public. It helps ensure individuals that their BAC is still under the legally allowed limit. With the BACtrack breathalyser having Bluetooth connectivity, people can easily monitor their BAC through their phone with the breathalyser app.  

BACtrack Breathalyser App

The BACtrack breathalyser app, along with the BACtrack breathalyser device, is easy to use and can be optimally operated by almost anyone; even without formal training on alcohol breath testing. This ensures reliable and accurate BAC calculation in practically any setting. All a person needs to do is breathe into the device, wait and view the result within the app. The user may then decide on what to do with their results. The app can then save and track the BAC results in overtime and may also provide the user with an option for calling a driving service (Uber); if they think they’ve had too much. The app also allows you to attach notes on your BAC levels, like placing what you’ve drunk or eaten. The best part about the app is that it has no compatibility issues as it can connect to all iOS (Apple), Android, and Google devices.  

BACtrack breathalysers come with a fuel cell sensor. The same professional-grade technology used by hospitals, clinics, and law enforcers can provide high accuracy and consistency levels. It can help prevent any unwanted run-ins with the law and may also help improve the safety of an individual; by informing them whether their BAC is too high to drive or not. With the help of the ZeroLine Technology, also present in BACtrack devices, the breathalyser app can help notify their user on when and how long until their BAC would return to 0.00%.  


The penalties of DUI charges have drastically been made more severe; even first-time offenders are now given hefty fines along with their licenses getting confiscated. The best way to stay clear from DUI charges and suffering the dire penalties it comes with is to monitor your BAC. With the help of a BACtrack device, it is easy to navigate the breathalyser app. 


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