The BACtrack S80 Pro Review

A breathalyzer is an alcohol breath analyzing device used to monitor an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). The person’s BAC can then be used to determine their current mental and functional state based on their level of intoxication. Law enforcers and health professionals were the only ones who had access to devices that could accurately measure the BAC of an individual. It measures the BAC of drivers or patients on the roads or in the emergency department. Nowadays, people can now monitor their BAC to help reduce alcohol-related risks and prevent DUI charges. A BACtrack S80 Pro review and its information can help present relatable scenarios where having a breathalyzer can be of good use to anyone.  

BACtrack breathalyzers have gone more and more popular over the years, mainly because of the critical features and conveniences that come with them. All BACtrack devices meet the federal requirements for a breath alcohol screening device assessed by the DOT (Department of Transportation). It means that the reliability of the BACtrack devices could go head-to-head with the kind of devices law enforcers use to help them maintain safer roads. Looking at the BACtrack S80 Pro review and the reviews of the other BACtrack devices can help would-be users which device suits them the most. BACtrack devices come with many different options, like having a wireless Bluetooth option with all kinds of phones or having one-touch options on the device itself for those looking for a much simpler model.  

BACtrack S80 Pro Review Highlights

Reviews that can be found online, like the BACtrack S80 Pro review, can help others understand and know how useful it could be to own a personal breathalyzer. With others highlighting its ability to monitor the BAC at a professional-grade level, devices like the BACtrack S80 Pro have been stated to have helped nurses accurately determine the state of newly arrived patients, especially in the emergency department. BACtrack devices can also help prevent DUI charges, especially those who enjoy an occasional drink or two but must drive home. A BACtrack device like the S80 pro, with its short blowing and response (result) times, can constantly monitor the BAC to help determine if it is under the 0.05% legal driving limit.  

With the penalties and policies of DUI charges getting more severe, it could now be cost-effective to own a reliable alcohol breath analyzer device. The BACtrack S80 Pro review, along with other reviews, states that other than for safety reasons, the devices can easily help prevent DUI charges and the hefty fines and other penalties that come with them. 


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