Breathalyzers: Blow Me First Before Driving

Blow me first: Breathalyzer units are helpful when you are consuming alcohol and want to be sure you are still fit to drive and under the legal limit. BACtrack personal breathalyzer units offer compact and easy to use alcohol breath testers. You can conduct a quick and easy breath test before driving to get an estimate of your BAC level. You can do various tests to measure your blood alcohol concentration, and law enforcement officers use the following:

  • Conducting an alcohol breath test using a breathalyzer detects and measures the amount of alcohol present in your breath called BAC. You may also follow the “Blow Me First Before Driving” rule using a personal breathalyzer.
  • Field sobriety tests can check if you have impairments from alcohol. While these tests have no way to measure your BAC level, they can still help identify if you are intoxicated and impaired. You might have trouble walking, slurred speech and difficulty focusing.
  • Blood tests may be required if officers detain you when they think you are intoxicated while driving. Blood tests are the most accurate way to determine your BAC. However, they are viewed as the most invasive and take much longer to process.
  • Urine tests can also check for BAC. This test is also highly accurate but has a longer process than breath tests.

These tests all give a thorough measurement of your blood alcohol content level. Some of these tests can typically detect alcohol in your system for up to 48 hours after consumption. To help improve safety, drivers are now following the “Breathalyzers: Blow Me First Before Driving” rule. Personal devices like BACtrack breathalyzers allow for accurate self-tests.

Blow Me First Before Driving: How Does a Breathalyzer work?

Following the “Breathalyzers: Blow me first before driving” rule is easy mainly because of how effortless it is to operate a personal breathalyzer. Conducting an alcohol breath test involves blowing air into the mouthpiece. The breathalyzer then analyzes the breath sample. In a matter of seconds, the breathalyzer device provides you with an accurate measurement of your BAC level. While less accurate than conducting a blood test, using a breathalyzer to get your BAC measurement is still reliable. BACtrack Professional breathalyzers use fuel cell sensors to provide highly precise BAC readings. Police officers also highly rely on breathalyzer results to help them maintain safer roads. A police officer’s breathalyzer, like BACtrack breathalyzers, also use fuel cell sensors. When looking for a personal device, you should know that BACtrack offers various breathalyzers, from tiny keychain units to professional workplace units.

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