BACtrack Trace Pro Review

A significant amount of alcohol in the system can alter your mood and impairs your senses and perception. The impairments can be severe that they can even lead to road crashes and accidents if you are not careful. Therefore, many people use a breathalyser to help them check and monitor their alcohol levels from exceeding the driving limit. A breathalyser is a helpful tool that can estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person. A personal breathalyser can save many people from the hazards of impaired driving and possible drink driving charges. Moreover, a reliable breathalyser is a worthy investment to keep you safe from harm. You can use a BACtrack Trace Pro review to see the benefits and advantages a breathalyser could have.

The BACtrack Trace Pro review lets you familiarise yourself with the device’s features and help you make purchase decisions. One of the most critical parts of a breathalyser is the sensor type. The BACtrack Trace Pro is a professional grade alcohol tester of Breathalysers Australia utilising the Xtend fuel cell sensor technology. These are the same sensors that you can find in a police officer’s breathalyser. These sensors are highly accurate and reliable. Fuel cell sensors are sensitive only to ethyl alcohol, making them less likely to provide false-positive results. The results you could get from a BACtrack personal device would be as precise as a professional’s device.

BACtrack Trace Pro Review: Other Vital Features

According to the BACtrack Trace Pro review, the other vital attribute of the breathalyser is its convenient one-touch operation system. The simple process makes it easy to self-check your BAC, even if you have alcohol in your system. You can begin testing your BAC level in seconds by simply pressing the power button. Additionally, the BACtrack device has a short warm-up period (10 to 20 seconds before you can give a breath sample). It also has continuous temperature checking to ensure consistency in the breath sample. Moreover, the fuel cell’s linear response provides accurate alcohol trace concentration up to 0.400% BAC.

The Trace Pro has many notable vital features. The BACtrack Trace Pro review also notes that the breathalyser can show consistent BAC results even after several tests. It means the Trace Pro can handle multiple high-frequency and constant tests. Tests through BACtrack devices are also quick. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds for a BACtrack breathalyser to process your results. Furthermore, the Trace Pro has a low power requirement that lasts up to one thousand applications in a single battery set. You may get the BACtrack Trace Pro from the Breathalysers Australia Website.

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