Buying a BACtrack Breathalyzer Amazon or eBay?

Alcohol has impairing effects at an excessive level that puts you and others at risk, especially while driving. At high alcohol concentrations, you experience severe impairment in eye-hand coordination, balance, vision, and reaction time. Intoxication can lead to risky behaviour and poor driving skills. Personal blood alcohol monitoring devices can improve your safety and decrease risks. Consumers nowadays use portable devices like breathalyzers to estimate their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) before driving. An alcohol tester like the BACtrack breathalyzer estimates your BAC level to help you make better, informed decisions. You can buy the BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon or eBay to monitor if your BAC is nearing the legal limits.

Australia has a legal limit for alcohol at 0.05% BAC, prohibiting anyone from driving more than that BAC range. Law enforcement patrols the roads for signs of impaired driving and asks drivers to take an alcohol test. If your BAC exceeds the legal limit, you will face criminal charges and penalties alongside driving suspensions. To avoid getting DUI charges, you can use the BACtrack breathalyzer to check your BAC before driving. This method ensures that your alcohol level is low enough to drive a vehicle safely. Breathalysers Australia offers high accurate BACtrack personal breathalyzers. You may also find a BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon. Most BACtrack breathalyzers use fuel cell sensor technology to measure the BAC accurately. Fuel cell breathalyzers have professional-grade accuracy. You can also find these sensors in:

Availability of BACtrack breathalyzers on Amazon

Breathalysers Australia distributes the BACtrack products nationwide through major retail stores and online. You can also purchase the BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon or eBay, the two largest online selling platforms in Australia. The professional breathalyzers of BACtrack deliver high-level BAC readings through powerful fuel cell sensor technology. In particular, fuel cell sensors oxidise alcohol in the breath to generate electrical currents. The breath alcohol concentration determines the strength or number of the electrical currents produced and is then converted into corresponding BAC level. Furthermore, it has a high sensitivity to ethanol and does not react with other substances like acetone. The BACtrack breathalyzer undergoes electrochemical processes and can deliver your results within 10 to 15 seconds.


BACtrack Breathalyzer on Amazon: Guide

You can easily choose the right BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon by keying in BACtrack in the search bar. Similarly, you can check under Home Medical Test or go directly to the BACtrack page. If you depend on high accuracy, the Pro Series of BACtrack are the top picks. In particular, the BACtrack S80 Pro, Trace Pro, Scout, and Mobile Pro are premier breathalyzers using Xtend fuel cell sensor technology. They undergo rigorous testing methods by experts and independent reviewers and show consistent results similar to law enforcement devices. Additionally, they have FDA approval and DOT certification, meeting the federal requirements of a breath alcohol screening device. Certifications are vital considerations for choosing a personal breathalyzer if you want the most reliable BAC results.

You can find the complete product details of each BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon for your evaluation. Each listing includes product and technical specifications, core features, operating instructions, customer ratings and reviews. What’s more, the BACtrack professional breathalyzers are also suitable for workplace settings. The fuel cell sensors in the BACtrack breathalyzers maintain their accuracy and consistency up to 1,000 tests. Therefore, they are ideal for high-volume use. Moreover, fuel cell sensors do not produce false-positive results, ensuring you get valid and reliable BAC readings. They are the alcohol testers that workplaces trust. Fuel cell sensors are effective when testing people:

  • With diabetes
  • With a low calorie diet
  • In an area with fumes like smoke around

BACtrack Devices on eBay

The BACtrack breathalyzers are also available on eBay Australia. eBay is a significant e-commerce platform for auction and retail sales. You can get the Pro series of BACtrack, as well as a keychain and smartphone breathalyzers. The BACtrack Go and C6 Keychain are the smallest and lightest alcohol testers of Breathalysers Australia. In particular, the BACtrack Go utilise advanced MicroCheck semiconductor sensors to quickly and accurately measure the BAC. The breathalyzer has a fold-out mouthpiece and a specially tuned algorithm, providing the most precise BAC tests at its value. On the other hand, the C6 Keychain is the smallest alcohol tester of BACtrack using fuel cell sensors. The breathalyzer has optional Bluetooth connectivity to pair wirelessly to a smartphone. The dual-mode operation enables you to use the device as a standalone unit or through a smartphone app. You may also purchase additional mouthpieces for BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon or eBay.


Choosing a BACtrack breathalyzer On Amazon

Each BACtrack units have distinctive features suiting different styles and needs. For example, the keychain alcohol testers are ideal for alcohol screening and personal use. Meanwhile, if you want more innovative features, the smartphone breathalyzers of BACtrack are suitable devices. In particular, the Mobile Pro can connect wirelessly to the BACtrack companion app via Bluetooth. The breathalyzer analyses the BAC and transmit the results to the mobile phone. You can store all your BAC results and access them later on through the tracking tool. In addition, the app enables you to personalise your data by adding notes or pictures to help you better understand your alcohol consumption pattern. Finally, the smartphone BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon and eBay is a popular choice for customers because of ZeroLine technology. The ZeroLine technology estimates how long the BAC level will return to 0.00%.

Buying a BACtrack Device

Monitoring the alcohol level is efficient and manageable with a BACtrack breathalyzer. The one-button operations of BACtrack enable you to self-check your BAC effortlessly with just a press of a button. Simply power on the device and wait for the signal to blow. The breathalyser quickly analyse your breath sample and deliver your BAC results within 10 to 15 seconds. To buy the BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon or eBay, make sure you get a certified device. The certification can help you when you need recalibration services. Similarly, you may purchase or recalibrate BACtrack breathalyzers at the Breathalysers Australia website.

You can secure your safety while consuming alcohol through a personal breathalyzer. Breathalysers are compact devices that are easy to carry around and convenient to use. Furthermore, the BACtrack breathalyzer on Amazon and eBay lets you choose the most suitable device for your needs. The ratings and feedback provide insights aiding you in selecting the best breathalyser. Breathalysers Australia’s wide selection range of pro-grade breathalysers fits every need or budget for reliable alcohol breath tests. Breathalysers Australia also has BACtrack workplace breathalysers ready for employers and companies. The workplace breathalysers of BACtrack provide reliable BAC tests that companies can rely on.