When would you Conduct a BAC Blood Test

Your body ingests and processes alcohol differently compared to food and other beverages. The alcohol from the drinks goes into the stomach and the small intestines. A portion of alcohol gets absorbed in the blood and travels through different body parts while the rest metabolises in the liver. The alcohol in the blood passes through the lungs, heart, etc. and leaves the body through urine, sweat, or breath. Therefore, you can measure the blood alcohol content (tC) in the body through a urine, breath, or BAC blood test. The most common alcohol breath test is through a breathalyser because it is easy, fast, and convenient. Roadside screenings typically use a preliminary breath test with breathalysers before conducting a blood sample test.

Law enforcement measures the BAC level to rule out DUI charges in a road accident or collision scene. Likewise, in checkpoints or if they suspect you of driving under the influence (DUI), they use a professional-grade breathalyser to measure your alcohol level accurately. If you register a positive BAC result, they could detain you. Police officers will then require you to submit a BAC blood test at a nearby site or police station. The blood analysis test is the most accurate BAC test because it measures your alcohol level directly from your blood. In addition, a high BAC blood test result can be evidence in court for alcohol driving violations. Refusal to take both breath and blood sample tests can lead to legal complications. To avoid having legal or police issues, people nowadays use personal breathalysers like BACtrack devices before driving.

BAC Blood Test: Self Tests

Alcohol breath testers like BACtrack breathalysers can accurately measure your BAC through your breath. The BACtrack professional breathalysers utilise the advanced fuel cell sensor technology for measuring the alcohol concentration accurately. So, unlike a BAC blood test requiring a qualified professional’s administration, you can quickly calculate your BAC through a breathalyser. A sufficient blow through the mouthpiece and the device will display your BAC results in seconds (10-15 seconds in BACtrack). Breathalysers are also small and easy to carry. You can check your BAC between drinks to ensure you are not going over the legal limit.

BAC blood test detects alcohol for up to 12 hours. As such, a blood sample test immediately after an accident or sobriety test is essential to record BAC levels accurately. In contrast, a breathalyser detects alcohol for up to 24 hours after consumption. Therefore, the most convenient way of knowing your blood alcohol level is through a breathalyser. BACtrack breathalyser is a proactive tool in keeping you safe from the perils of impaired driving. Moreover, these personal devices can drastically reduce the chances of you acquiring DUI charges.

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