How is Blood Alcohol Measured?

How is Blood Alcohol Measured? We can use many procedures to measure our blood alcohol content (BAC). We can view our BAC through urine, blood, and breath samples. Taking breath samples is the most common method of checking for BAC. People prefer breath sampling mainly because of how quick the procedure is.  Professionals use breathalysers to perform alcohol breath sampling tests. It calculates the amount of alcohol within the breath and translates it into a corresponding BAC level. The higher the BAC level, the more likely the individual will experience impairments from alcohol consumption. All you need to do in a breath sampling test is blow into a breathalyser and wait for its calculations (regularly takes 5-10 seconds).  

How is blood alcohol measured, and who takes them? Police officers and health care providers (like nurses) are the ones who typically provide breath tests. These professionals perform these tests mainly to help maintain safer roads and provide safer medicine applications (medicine dosage). Nowadays, though, most people can perform self-breath tests. Self-breath tests can help prevent possible DUI charges and penalties. With devices like BACtrack breathalysers now available, we can do reliable and accurate self-tests without needing professional help or intense device practice.  

How is Blood Alcohol Measured with Personal Devices?

How is blood alcohol measured with a BACtrack personal breathalyser? BACtrack personal breathalysers measure BAC just like any other police breathalyser. All you must do is turn it on, wait for the device to load (10-30 seconds) and provide a firm blow into the mouthpiece. Results would then be ready within 5-15 seconds. Personal devices like BACtrack breathalysers work the same as police breathalysers, mainly because they have the same technology. BACtrack devices feature fuel cell sensors, which a police officer uses. Without a doubt, the fuel cell sensors in these breathalysers can provide accurate and reliable results within seconds. These sensors also have a minimal margin for error as external factors like smoke cannot affect the results.  

How is blood alcohol measured and tracked with BACtrack breathalysers? Make sure you wait 20 minutes after your first drink before taking your BAC reading. Some BACtrack devices also offer smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, allowing access to the BACtrack app. The app shows additional information about your BAC. Helpful information like BAC results with timestamps is available in the app. This feature allows for more effective BAC and alcohol consumption tracking. Without a doubt, you can be safe and alert when using a BACtrack personal breathalyser. 


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