What does my Alcohol Test Reading Mean?

A breathalyser is a valuable instrument that measures the amount of alcohol content in a person through his breath. A breathalyser has a mouthpiece that you can exhale into. The air from your lungs undergoes an electrochemical process that only takes a few seconds. This process helps the device calculate the breath alcohol concentration (BAC). The BAC, or your alcohol test reading, is measured via your alcohol is to blood ratio. BACtrack has a wide range of personal or workplace breathalysers to deliver quick and accurate results.

The BAC estimates the level of intoxication in a person. We can calculate the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream by the number of milligrams (mg) per 100ml of blood. Having a high BAC means an increase in the amount of alcohol in your blood. Moreover, high alcohol consumption affects a person’s motor functions and judgment. Furthermore, consumption can also negatively impact your behaviour and driving ability. Each individual has a different reaction to alcohol. An accurate alcohol test reading is essential because it can help you understand your current mental state.

Alcohol Test Reading: BAC Levels

An alcohol test reading of 0.02% BAC can already alter your mood, behaviour, and judgment. Driving at this level may cause the driver to become easily distracted. Secondly, at 0.05% BAC, the behaviour becomes exaggerated, with lesser inhibitions, reduced alertness, and loss of muscle control. These impairments can affect the driver’s steering, coordination, and reaction time. Lastly, at 0.08% or over, the person has poor self-control, reasoning, and memory. Additionally, the driver can present with poor muscle coordination, impaired perception, and reaction time. Driving at this level is a huge red flag. Driving with impairments can easily cause accidents. BACtrack personal breathalysers can help prevent that.

In Australia, the legal limit for alcohol is 0.05% BAC. If the police notice you are not driving safely, they have all the reasons to pull you over and subject you to an alcohol test reading. Additionally, driving beyond the legal limit is a criminal offence, and you can get hefty fines and punishment. It doesn’t matter how skilled a driver you are once alcohol takes over. Check your BAC after when consuming alcohol for better moderation. Without a doubt, through a BACtrack personal breathalyser, you can get your alcohol test reading fast with high accuracy. Furthermore, BACtrack breathalysers are widely available nationwide and online. It has every breathalyser that suits your needs and budget. BACtrack breathalyser uses the same technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyser. Undoubtedly, this technology can ensure precise results.

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