BACtrack Breath Alcohol Tester for Personal Use

It is essential to carry a personal breathalyser these days, especially if you plan on driving after consuming alcohol. It is everyone’s responsibility to observe safe driving practices. A breathalyser is a handheld device with a mouthpiece that you can blow into to get a measurement of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The BAC reading will determine whether you are within or over the alcohol limit in Australia for driving. The BACtrack breath alcohol tester is the best device in the market for accurate, fast and reliable readings.

The BACtrack breath alcohol tester uses two kinds of technology. The MicroCheck Sensor technology uses semiconductor sensors that are ideal for personal and occasional use. On the other hand, the XTend Fuel Cell technology uses advanced fuel cell sensors with enhanced linear accuracy for the most reliable BAC calculation. Getting your alcohol breath measured with BACtrack is easy. All you must do is firmly blow into the mouthpiece for a few seconds and wait for your results. The BACtrack’s Smartphone breathalysers are ideal for personal use. You can have your BAC results displayed directly on your mobile phone and even share them with your family. The app also has innovative tracking features. The in-app tracking allows you to track your alcohol consumption over time and estimate when your alcohol level would return to 0.00%

The BACtrack Breath Alcohol Tester: Why use it

Why do we recommend using a BACtrack breath alcohol tester for personal use? Each person has a different level of intoxication. Some people can handle more alcohol than others. It is not enough to rely on the standard number of glasses to know when to stop or keep drinking. Alcohol also impairs your senses and reaction time. Even if you think you feel fine and can handle the driving, it may not be the actual case. A personal alcohol breath tester gives an accurate measurement of your BAC and can help you decide whether you need to give up your car keys or not.

A breath test through a breathalyser is the most non-invasive and quickest way of accurately getting your blood alcohol level. You can also use a pro-grade breathalyser for personal use to be more confident with your BAC readings. The BACtrack personal breathalyser features the same advanced technology law enforcement and health professionals use. You can get your BACtrack breath alcohol tester online through the Breathalysers Australia website.

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