What Breathalyzer Should I Buy?

Anyone can make the wrong decision to drive while intoxicated. Alcohol consumption can cause impaired judgment, which can lead to accidents. Drunk driving can lead to DUI charges, including fines, license disqualification and possible imprisonment. Driving after consuming alcohol is easy to avoid. However, it is difficult to tell whether you are still under the legal limit the next day. Having your home breathalyzer will be handy. Before heading out, a personal device could inform you if you are under the limit. If you consider getting a breathalyzer and wondering, “what breathalyzer should I buy?”. There are various breathalyzers available for purchase, from devices that use semiconductors to those that utilize fuel cell technology.

What breathalyzer should I buy?

There are multiple features to look for when choosing a breathalyzer device:

  • Fuel cell sensors vs. semiconductor sensors: fuel cell sensors last longer and have excellent accuracy rates. BACtrack units utilize fuel cell technology that provides accurate and consistent readings. This feature should be your main focus when thinking about “what breathalyzer should I buy?”
  • Active or passive testing: Active testing requires an individual to blow directly into the mouthpiece while. This kind of test is highly reliable and free of external contamination. Passive testing requires blowing air into the analyzer unit an inch away. This kind of testing can be contaminated, which can affect its accuracy.
  • Disposable mouthpieces: The surroundings must be free of substances that might disrupt tests like smoke. BACtrack breathalyzers have replaceable mouthpieces.
  • One-button operation: Conducting an alcohol breath test while intoxicated can be difficult. BACtrack breathalyzers offer a one-button process and a readable display which makes it easy to use. BACtrack personal breathalyzers also only take a few seconds (10-20 seconds) to load before a breath test fully.
  • Accuracy and reliability: Accuracy is vital for a breathalyzer device. The BACtrack S80 Pro provides fast, highly accurate results for multiple tests or users. The S80 utilizes an advanced fuel cell sensor for greater accuracy, and you can conduct various tests per charge. Without a doubt, a device with high reliability is the best answer for the question: “what breathalyzer should I buy?”

Calibration: All breathalyzers require recalibration on a time basis to remain accurate. BACtrack breathalyzers have the most extended recalibration requirement in the Australian market at 12 months. Breathalyzers should have recalibrations because the sensors drift to a point where they may not hold calibration for the expected periods. People might make more dangerous decisions due to inaccurate results.

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