Breathalyser Testing and Urine Drug Screen for Australian Workplaces

A breathalyser and urine drug screen in Australia are two ways to determine employees’ alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Employers use drug and alcohol testing to ensure a safe working environment. Employers should also protect their employees and manage occupational hazards. Therefore, many companies have drug and alcohol policies to prevent substance abuse and impairment at work. For example, employers can also administer on-site alcohol testing utilising breathalyser devices for efficient workplace alcohol detection.

Substance impairment is a common cause of workplace accidents and injuries. A workplace breathalyser like the BACtrack from Breathalysers Australia for alcohol breath testing and a urine drug screen in Australia is essential for safety-critical industries. A urine drug test can determine the chemical makeup of a urine sample and provide a highly accurate reading. However, despite its high accuracy, it is not often the first choice for drug or alcohol testing. As a result, it is only used as a confirmatory test in most laboratories because it is difficult to utilise. Furthermore, devices like the BACtrack workplace breathalysers are ideal for detecting the presence of alcohol. The BACtrack device analyses the alcohol in a breath sample to determine the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

Breathalyser Testing and Urine Drug Screen in Australia: How Does it Work?

A urine drug screen in Australia is a cost-effective screening method for alcohol and illicit substances in the workplace. The common substances included in drug testing are amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and opioids (narcotics). Furthermore, if the initial tests return positive, the laboratory will conduct a confirmation test through the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test. On the other hand, employers can also utilise BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia to help make the workplace policy easier for managing safety risks. It identifies the amount of alcohol in the breath and converts it to a BAC level. A breath testing method can help organisations lessen employee risk and ensure workplace safety. You can purchase BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia to achieve accurate breath testing. BACtrack devices are reliable and the most recognised brand of breathalysers nationwide.  


When to Conduct Breathalyser Testing and Urine Drug Screen in Australia

As far as it is reasonably practicable, employers have a legal obligation to protect the safety of their workers at work. For this reason, a workplace breathalyser for breath testing and a urine drug screen in Australia can help employers secure their workplaces from any related accidents. The following are the circumstances in a workplace that requires such drug and alcohol screening:

  • Pre-Employment: Employers can conduct testing on job applicants before hiring. Pre-employment testing is important for employers to determine whether prospective employees have risky substance use behaviour.
  • Blanket testing: This type of testing involves testing all employees simultaneously. 
  • Random testing: Randomly selecting employees to undergo testing. Any employee has an equal chance of being chosen for testing.
  • After an accident or incident testing: Some companies require mandatory drug and alcohol screening for individuals involved in a workplace accident or injury. This test can help employers identify the possible cause of an accident.
  • For-cause testing: Some companies require an employee to undergo drug and alcohol screening if that employee shows indications of drug and alcohol abuse. However, strong evidence is essential for an employer to provide testing in a viable manner.
  • Return to work testing: An employer may require such tests if an employee has recently returned from a leave or has a previously positive drug and alcohol screening result.

Breathalyser Testing and Urine Drug Screen in Australia: Differences

A breathalyser and a urine drug screen in Australia come head-to-head in terms of accuracy. However, breath testing utilising a breathalyser has many advantages over a urine test. The main advantage of using a breath test over a urine test is processing time. There is a lot less effort for sample processing in a breath test. Breath tests with the BACtrack workplace breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are quick and easy to perform. BACtrack devices have a one-button operation that allows users to start their breath test with just a button press. Furthermore, BACtrack units only take 10 to 15 seconds to process employees’ BAC results. The features in a BACtrack workplace breathalyser can drastically help reduce testing times. Additionally, with the help of the BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia, you may no longer need to wait for a testing facility to perform workplace alcohol testing in Australia.


Benefits of Breathalyser Testing in the Workplace

Employers can benefit from implementing alcohol testing utilising a breathalyser and a urine drug screen in Australia. For alcohol testing alone, a breathalyser like the BACtrack is a reliable device that can accurately measure the BAC level of employees’ intoxication. Furthermore, there are several benefits why alcohol and drug tests are essential:

  • Safer work environment: Drug and alcohol testing can assist employers in reducing the substance use of employees at the workplace. Hence, alcohol and drug use contribute to numerous workplace accidents and injuries. 
  • Higher productivity and better employee morale: A stable workforce leads to improved output and positive employee morale. Furthermore, clear and sober employees have reduced absenteeism and turnover rates.
  • Less legal liabilities: Employers are legally required to minimise workplace risks. Additionally, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is always safe. Also, companies will cover all the costs of any accidents in the workplace.
  • Promote better health: Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace results in fewer accident rates and healthier employees.

Breathalyser testing and a urine drug screen in Australia can positively impact workplace productivity and performance. For employers who want to conduct alcohol testing regularly, a breathalyser will help them in providing quicker results than any other test method. Additionally, BACtrack breathalysers employ fuel cell sensors that are only sensitive to ethyl alcohol. Therefore, with the BACtrack breathalysers, false-positive readings are less common. Breathalysers Australia offers various models of workplace breathalysers that can be used in workplace alcohol testing.

Breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia

A urine drug screen in Australia can be helpful for employers to detect drug abuse through urine samples of employees. On the other hand, for alcohol testing, employees will only need to provide an appropriate breath sample to a breathalyser to conduct a test. The device will then process the breath sample and, in a matter of seconds, display the precise alcohol concentration. A breathalyser like the BACtrack breathalyser is cost-effective in measuring accurate alcohol levels. Each BACtrack breathalyser undergoes rigorous testing to ensure valid test results. The BACtrack Pro series has FDA approval and meets all federal requirements for an effective breath testing device. Without a doubt, workplace safety is possible through reliable devices like the BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia. If you want the highest precision, go for a breathalyser with pro-grade accuracy like the BACtrack.