Alcohol and Drug Testing Services in Australia

Many businesses in Australia have workplace issues that are related to alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs are the substances that most people frequently use and abuse worldwide. Additionally, consuming and using such substances can result in problems with one’s health, relationships, education, and employment. Employers also incur high costs as a result of substance use at work. Such expenses include property damage, medical costs, insurance, and legal liabilities. For this reason, most businesses administer drug and alcohol tests to employees at work. Likewise, employers obtain alcohol and drug testing services from laboratories or clinics to help manage occupational risks.

Employers can avail of alcohol and drug testing services to monitor substance use or impairment. However, drug testing may be costly for an employer, especially for smaller businesses. Despite this, they are essential to minimise the negative impacts of substance use. Additionally, alcohol and drug test results may take 2 to 5 days. Thus, some employers find alternatives to suit their alcohol and drug testing needs to save costs and time. An efficient way to monitor alcohol intoxication is through a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a portable device that estimates a person’s Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through breath samples. Workplaces can get professional devices at Breathalysers Australia. Similarly, individuals can use a personal breathalyser like BACtrack to monitor their blood alcohol levels.

Alcohol and Drug Testing Services in Australia: When are they Needed?

While there are many cases where alcohol and drug testing is a need, the most common is for the workplace. Most business avail alcohol and drug testing services from accredited laboratories or testing centres for the following reasons:  

  • Pre-employment – Before hiring a new employee, alcohol and drug tests help screen alcohol and drug users.  
  • Reasonable cause – an employer may conduct for-cause testing if a worker shows indications, symptoms, or unusual behaviour on being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, the employer should exercise care in approaching the concerned employee under strict workplace policy guidelines. 
  • Post-accident or incident – following a work accident, testing is done to see if drugs or alcohol may have played a role in the incident.  
  • Random – the purpose of random testing is partly to discourage alcohol and drug usage by being administered in an arbitrary, unscheduled manner. However, randomly choosing an employee to undergo alcohol and drug testing is delicate. Therefore, using a systematic way of randomly selecting an employee should be followed to avoid bias.   

However, as beneficial as it may seem to any employer to have a drug and alcohol test in their workplace, it is also subject to Australian laws and regulations. Thus, before availing of alcohol and drug testing services, employers must have a workplace policy that follows the rules and regulations and is agreed upon by everyone in the workplace.


Alcohol and Drug Testing Services in Australia: What Services they Provide?

Companies that provide alcohol and drug testing services help employers with workplace testing. Some can also help with policy-making and providing education and awareness programs for employers and employees. The program may include recognising impairment symptoms early and preventing accidents from happening. Thus, some employers use BACtrack breathalysers for their breath test needs in the workplace. Breathalysers are cost-effective devices best for detecting alcohol content in a person’s breath.

Alcohol and Drug Testing Services in Australia: Alcohol and Drug Test

There are a lot of types of alcohol and drug testing. Companies that provide alcohol and drug testing services  have various methods suitable for different circumstances. The most common alcohol and drug test use:  

  • Blood test – Blood testing is more intrusive than breath or urine testing. It is also the most expensive type of test. This test provides accurate results.  
  • Breath test – Employers can use breath tests to detect alcohol use in the workplace. This test uses a breathalyser to check alcohol content in an individual’s body. BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalyser Australia provide accurate and reliable results.  
  • Hair test – This test uses hair samples to check alcohol and drug substances in the body.   
  • Saliva test – Saliva testing is another least intrusive alcohol and drug testing procedure. However, saliva can only detect recent substance use due to its short detection period.   
  • Urine test – another method of detecting alcohol and drugs. Most workplaces use urine testing for alcohol and drug detection. However, urine testing has a short detection period and is prone to tampering with samples.


Alcohol and drug testing can be costly. However, it is necessary to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Therefore, some employers find alternatives for testing employees while following safety protocols. Alcohol and drug testing kits are the most common alternatives employers can use. These kits are more economical than a clinic or laboratory’s alcohol and drug testing services. Workplaces may use self-testing kits to screen employees for alcohol and drug usage. Additionally, anyone can use these kits since it does not require any healthcare professional to administer them. Thus, most employers can use these kits for their employees anytime and receive the results quickly.  

With the kits, employers can now avoid significant expenses for testing their employees. Moreover, the breathalyser is the best method for breath alcohol testing. Testing kits are cheaper than drug testing services in a laboratory or clinic, and a breathalyser device is cost-efficient for alcohol screening. Workplace breath testing using a single breathalyser is possible since it is capable of multiple back-to-back breath testing. Thus, employers can save considerable costs by having a single breathalyser. Moreover, workplace monitoring is fast and easy with the help of BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia.  


Breathalyser from Breathalysers Australia

Alcohol and drug testing services can help a workplace prevent accidents and help save expenses from hospitalisation in the long run. Having BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia can help reduce the costs, especially for breath alcohol testing in the workplace. Not only in the workplace, anyone can use a BACtrack breathalyser since it is available over-the-counter and does not require a prescription. Breathalysers Australia has a wide range of BACtrack breathalysers. Personal breathalysers can help employees monitor their BAC during consumption and ensure they work completely sober. Also, BACtrack breathalysers are easy to use, fast, portable and provide accurate results. The BACtrack breathalysers can process the breath samples and deliver the results in 10 to 15 seconds. Furthermore, these breathalysers are also cost-effective as they are capable of multiple testing, perfect for every workplace breath test.   


Alcohol and drug abuse or misuse is a significant health and safety issue for Australian businesses. Employers acquire alcohol and drug testing services to deter substance use or impairment in the workplace. Therefore, employers seek cost-efficient alternatives such as alcohol and drug test kits to lessen testing expenses. With this, the best option for a breath test employers can employ in the workplace is using breathalysers. BACtrack breathalysers from Breathalysers Australia are best for individuals’ and employers’ breath testing needs.