Is a Cop Breathalyzer Accurate?

Every year, hundreds of car crashes or accidents happen due to intoxicated driving. Unfortunately, some people think they can handle driving a car while under the influence of alcohol. Others don’t know the legal limits for drinking and driving. As a result, they get pulled out on the side of the road to take an alcohol breath test. If you act carelessly after alcohol consumption, you will most likely get in trouble with the law. Police will determine if you are intoxicated by asking you to blow into a cop breathalyzer to confirm alcohol consumption. This method can also inform them of your current blood alcohol content (BAC). The BAC is the percentage of alcohol in your breath in proportion to the alcohol in your blood.

While some people feel fine after consuming alcohol, their driving abilities might still be affected. Driving with an over the limit BAC of 0.05% is subject to severe punishments in Australia. Conversely, having a 0.05% BAC and above poses risks to road safety. Law enforcement uses a cop breathalyzer to measure your BAC level accurately. Firstly, if there’s any reason to believe you have been drink-driving, police will conduct a roadside screening test. Suppose you register a positive result or high-level BAC, you can be arrested immediately or undergo a breath analysis or blood sample test at a police station. These results are then usable in court when a judge decides your penalty. Make sure you are not over the limit by using BACtrack personal breathalyzers.

Cop Breathalyzer Sensor Technology

Some people question the accuracy of a cop breathalyzer. A fuel cell breathalyzer (cop breathalyzers) has a very minimal margin of error. Cop breathalyzers utilize fuel cell sensors to measure BAC accurately. Fuel cell sensors are the most advanced sensor technology in breathalyzers. You can also find these fuel cell sensors in BACtrack personal devices. These sensors allow for accurate professional-grade results to be available even for self-tests. Furthermore, each BACtrack breathalyzer meets the Australian standards for a safe and effective breath testing device. BACtrack works with hospitals, clinics, law enforcement, commercial or industrial companies that need a reliable breathalyzer to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

It is inconvenient dealing with legal or police matters after you face a cop breathalyzer. It is best to carry a personal breathalyzer and know your BAC beforehand to prevent this situation. A personal breathalyzer helps you monitor your alcohol level and keep your intake under control. Moreover, BACtrack has a wide range of personal breathalyzers with police-grade quality so that you can check your BAC accurately.

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