Compare Breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia

More people nowadays use breathalyzers to check their alcohol levels to help improve their safety. A portable breathalyzer is a convenient way of checking your blood alcohol content (BAC) or intoxication level. If you are looking for a reliable device, you can compare breathalyzers online to find the best unit for you. The best place to start is in Breathalysers Australia. Breathalysers Australia is an Australian-run company specializing in breathalyzer sales, recalibration, and repairs. They supply original BACtrack breathalyzer products nationwide.

There are essential things to consider when choosing a breathalyzer. You can compare breathalyzers conveniently at Breathalysers Australia. You should consider sensor types (accuracy), budget, and device features when comparing. BACtrack breathalyzers mainly use fuel cell sensors. Fuel cell technology uses electrochemical processes to oxidize the alcohol in the breath. They are specific to ethanol than other substances; thus, they do not give false positives. Therefore, if you need the highest accuracy level in your BAC readings, a BACtrack personal breathalyzer is the best option for you. Fuel cell sensor technology is also the same technology you would find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. These sensor types are reliable enough that even law enforcers use them to help improve roadside safety.

Compare Breathalyzers and Their Unique Features

You may also compare breathalyzers according to their device features. For example, the BACtrack breathalyzers are ideal for personal and professional use. Starting with the smallest ones, the BACtrack Go and BACtrack C6 are keychain breathalyzers that give the highest accuracy BAC readings at a compact size and the most affordable price. Moreover, some breathalyzers can even connect to smartphones. The BACtrack C6, C8, and BACtrack Mobile Pro have Bluetooth connectivity. This feature makes viewing your BAC results more convenient as it could come with more details in the BACtrack app. Helpful features like BAC tracking and calculating when your BAC would return to 0.00% are within the BACtrack app. Without a doubt, you can rely on any of these BACtrack devices to provide you with accurate results in addition to their unique features. BACtrack personal devices have made self-tests more convenient with their innovative features.

Overall, Breathalysers Australia has every type of product that suits your needs and budget. It is easy to compare breathalyzers at Breathalysers Australia. You can filter your search according to personal or workplace use, Bluetooth capability, or price range. Each BACtrack breathalyzers have complete information and technical specifications to guide you choose the best device. Furthermore, the BACtrack breathalyzers comply with Australian laws to offer safe, easy-to-use personal alcohol testers. As a result, law enforcement, hospitals, and high-risk workplaces trust BACtrack breathalyzers for the most precise breath alcohol tests.

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