Can you Buy Breathalyzers in Stores?

Personal breathalyzers are the ideal way to monitor your blood alcohol content (BAC) without going over the limit for driving. Nowadays, more people check their BAC every time they consume alcohol. Therefore, testing devices such as breathalyzers are more practical and accessible for anyone checking their BAC. With the prevalence of self-tests, many now ask: can you buy breathalyzers in stores, and how do they work? Breathalyzers such as BACtrack units are small devices that can measure the alcohol concentration in your bloodstream through your breath. The device captures the exhaled breath and processes it through its sensors. These devices can calculate your BAC within seconds (10-15 seconds for BACtrack breathalyzers. They are so efficient that more stores nationwide offer them due to the increasing demand for personal breathalyzers.

Where can you buy breathalyzers in stores? A great place to start is to check Breathalysers Australia. Breathalysers Australia is an Australian company specializing in breathalyzer sales, recalibration, and repair.  This company serves to supply genuine BACtrack breathalyzers to individuals and workplaces. Breathalysers Australia distributes BACtrack products to major consumer retail outlets nationwide with warehouses in Queensland and New South Wales. Additionally, large retailer stores like Harvey Norman carry BACtrack breathalyzers in all their outlets. It means that you can purchase the BACtrack breathalyzers in any store near you.

Can you Buy Breathalyzers in Stores that are accurate?

Can you buy breathalyzers in stores that have reliable sensors? Over the years, innovations in breathalyzer technology made it possible for anyone to measure their BAC without professional help. Checking your BAC level is now accessible because you can find them almost anywhere. Most personal breathalyzers in the market use an inexpensive semiconductor sensor. This type of breathalyzer uses a tin-oxide substance to measure the BAC. However, these sensors are inaccurate and can give false-positive results. On the other hand, most reliable personal breathalyzers use fuel cell sensor technology. A fuel cell breathalyzer oxidizes the breath alcohol through an electrochemical process. The oxidation produces electrical currents that determine the blood alcohol level. Fuel cell breathalyzers are more sensitive to ethyl alcohol, and therefore, more accurate. Fuel cell sensor technology is the same technology you would find in a medical professional’s breathalyzer.

Can you buy breathalyzers in stores with the same quality that law enforcement use? Law enforcement also uses fuel cell breathalyzers to measure the BAC on roadside screening. It is the same sensor technology that BACtrack Pro Series breathalyzers have. If you depend on high-accuracy BAC readings, check for BACtrack personal breathalyzers in stores near you. BACtrack breathalyzers also have FDA approval and meet the Australian standards for safe personal alcohol breath testing. Overall, there are many benefits of getting a reliable breathalyzer for personal use. For the most part, they are handy and easy to use. Without a doubt, you can rely on BACtrack breathalyzers to keep your consumption level under control and avoid alcohol-impaired driving.

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