Breathalyzer in Car Law: The Need to Know

It is essential to know what the breathalyzer in car law enacts. Installation of ignition interlock systems in cars aims to prevent repeat offenders from consuming alcohol. The car interlock device is installed and connected to the vehicle’s starting system. This device requires the driver to blow into the machine to take a breath sample. The sample needs to be below a pre-set BAC level before starting the car. The interlock device also requires the driver to provide breath samples even between the trips. All the BAC results are recorded on the device and can be downloaded and be used to monitor the behaviour of car interlock device users.

Having a handheld portable breathalyzer unit will come in handy to avoid failing a breath test on the interlock device. Personal devices may also help you avoid trouble with the law. Self-tests can help prevent the need to follow the breathalyzer in car law. You can test your BAC levels using the breathalyzer unit to check if you are still under the legal driving limit (0.05% in Australia). BACtrack breathalyzer units can offer you accurate breath testing results and excellent reliability. The BACtrack S80 Pro unit is sturdy and utilizes fuel cell sensor technology. This sensor uses the same technology you can find in a police officer’s breathalyzer. You can run up to thousands of tests with high accuracy with no chance of showing false positives.

Breathalyzer in car law: Grounds for installation

There are three primary driving-related offences:

  • Driving over the legal limit: exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol or PCA, meaning that you have undergone a breath test and recorded a BAC level that has exceeded the legal limit and is the most common offence. The law is stringent on the amount of alcohol present in an individual’s blood when driving. The BAC level for all states in Australia is 0.05% for drivers who hold a full licence. If you consume one standard drink an hour, you should remain under the legal BAC limit. If the BAC level exceeds 0.05%, you will face fines and charges. You may also monitor your intake with BACtrack personal devices.
  • Driving under the influence: A DUI is more serious. In high BAC cases, you are legally incapable of effectively controlling your car. Law enforcement officers may test you and use their observations to show that you cannot effectively drive. The court may directly instruct you to follow the breathalyzer in car law and require you to install an ignition interlock.
  • High BAC level with a minor: It is an offence if you drive or attempt to drive a car with a BAC level of 0.08 or higher while a minor is present in the vehicle. They could give you a fine and have you undergo a disqualification period. A BACtrack personal breathalyzer can accurately inform you of your BAC levels.

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