Best BACtrack Alcohol Device for Car

It is now common for people to check their breath alcohol concentration (BAC) after alcohol consumption. This procedure is through a breathalyser. A breathalyser is a useful handy device that measures the alcohol level in a person. It keeps people from driving by notifying them if their alcohol level is higher than the legal limit. However, if you risk driving with a high BAC, you risk getting caught and charged. People caught driving under the influence (DUI) are subject to installing an alcohol interlock or an alcohol device for car ignitions, alongside the other penalties and fines.

A person is subject to an alcohol interlock program in Australia if caught consuming alcohol and driving with a BAC of over 0.05%. Installing an interlock ignition device (IID) minimises possible repeat offences. An Interlock ignition device is an alcohol device for car ignitions. It is a kind of electronic car breathalyser attached to the engine’s ignition system. It will not allow the vehicle to start if it detects the presence of alcohol in the breath sample. You must strictly have a 0.00% BAC for the engine to start. The last thing you would want is to use this device every time you drive. Using a personal breathalyser to check your BAC before driving and prevent DUI charges is better. BACtrack pro-grade personal breathalysers give the most accurate and reliable BAC readings to help you stay within the driving limits.

Alcohol Device for Car: Why Use BACtrack

BACtrack personal breathalysers have fuel cell sensor technology. Law enforcement and healthcare institutions use fuel cell technology breathalysers when checking for BAC. Experts rate The BACtrack S80 Pro as the best personal breathalyser available to the public. It has DOT and NHTSA approval and is fully compliant with federal breath screening device requirements. Furthermore, a BACtrack breathalyser could come in very handy after consuming alcohol. Knowing the right time to drive (when BAC is low enough) could easily prevent the need to install an alcohol device for car ignitions.

There is no fooling around when it comes to road safety. The best alcohol level for driving is zero. Check your BAC regularly to keep your alcohol consumption under control. BACtrack breathalysers are reliable and accurate breath alcohol devices with minimal error margins. It is better to plan and prepare a breathalyser than wait for a DUI charge. After all, using a personal breathalyser is better than using a court required alcohol device for car ignitions every time you need to drive.

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